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Green Templeton College | Oxford


  • Principal ex officio - Chair
  • Vice-Principal
  • Senior Tutor
  • Academic Tutor
  • Tutor for Admissions
  • Chair, Medical Teaching Sub-committee
  • Two members of Governing Body
  • One Research/Junior Research Fellow
  • Two Student Members
    Academic Registrar as Secretary

Terms of reference

  1. To arrange a programme of academic activities for the college within a budget approved by the Governing Body;
  2. To consider proposals for college-based research and other academic activities;
  3. To consider the appointment of Research Associates of the College;
  4. To consider and make grants to students for purposes of elective study and other academic purposes;
  5. To receive reports from the Medical Teaching Sub-committee and the Student Support and Scholarships Sub-committee;
  6. To have responsibility for the College Adviser system;
  7. In the performance of its functions under (3), (4), and (6) the Committee may ask for business to be regarded as 'reserved' and conducted in the absence of Student Members. Fellows with supervisory responsibilities who are not on the committee may be invited to attend ad hoc;
  8. To discuss and make recommendations to the Governing Body on any academic matters in which the College may have an interest (excepting those concerning individual appointments and elections;
  9. To make recommendations on major questions of admissions policy, including the numbers to be admitted annually and other issues affectng the general composition and balance of the student body, and reporting annually on the advice of the Tutor for Admissions.

Medical Teaching Sub-committee

Student Support & Scholarships Sub-committee