Principal’s Welcome

Green Templeton College is a vibrant community where students, fellows and academics from all over the world meet, work and live together.

Our location amid beautiful gardens with open buildings allows us to mix with ease. At lunch you may well find a DPhil student discussing policy questions with others from different disciplines, our long-serving gardener describing the history of the college to a Masters student, or a business student suggesting an idea for a sustainable healthcare venture with a Fellow.

We value our family-friendly environment and we strongly encourage a healthy blend of academic studies with enthusiastic participation in extracurricular activities.

Our prowess in sports including rowing, squash, tennis and football is a source of great pride. We also have active groups for mindfulness and yoga, all supported by a well-equipped onsite gym.

Our thriving cultural scene includes two choirs, a world-class pianist as our Musician-in-Residence and termly informal concerts at which anyone may perform. A recent tradition is our 24-hour play whereby an initial synopsis is turned into a script, a cast selected, music written, costumes and props prepared, rehearsals held and a performance given – all between one dusk and the next!

Many students also undertake voluntary work in local communities and national causes.

The college’s 600 students are all graduates, coming from some 80 different countries; the main academic specialisms being Medicine & Health, Business & Management and Applied Social Sciences. Our emphasis is on engagement with real-world challenges, bringing the best research to bear for the advancement of human welfare. Our values are strongly egalitarian and we celebrate diversity among cultures and beliefs.

A student’s stay at Green Templeton can range from just a few months to four years yet all leave with heavy hearts and an awareness of how much they have benefitted from a unique experience.

We encourage alumni to maintain contacts both with the college and with their contemporaries – continuing to be part of the growing worldwide college community. Lifelong friendships and professional bonds are made here and remain long after their Oxford days. Many return years later to our lavish annual balls and garden parties, just to recapture the Green Templeton spirit.

We would be delighted to welcome you into our community and I look forward to meeting you.

Professor Denise Lievesley