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Green Templeton College | Oxford


No student parking is permitted on the College site. Pay and display parking is available on Woodstock Road, outside the main gate.


A limited number of parking spaces are available at rewley Abbey Court for an additional annual fee of £25 per month. Entry to and exit from the car park is barrier controlled.


On-street parking permits for Observatory Street may be requested from Oxford City Council.


More information about parking.



The tray or slot where your post (mail) will be left for you. In College your pigeon-hole can be found in the Lodge.



The Porters can be found in the Lodge. In general, porters know everything that is going on in College, officially and unofficially.



Any study at Masters or Doctoral level, or any student undertaking studies at this level. Often used interchangeably with graduate.


The Acting Principal of Green Templeton College is Professor Ingrid Lunt.



The Proctors are senior University officers responsible for making sure that the University operates according to its statutes. As well as being members of key decision-making committees, they deal with:

  • University (as distinct from College) student discipline
  • complaints about University matters
  • the running of University examinations.

They also carry out ceremonial duties, for example at degree ceremonies.


All students receive a copy of the 'Proctors' and Assessor's Memorandum - Essential Information for Students' at the start of their programme (it has a glossy, dark blue cover). View the Proctors' Memorandum online.


Students should not contact the Proctors directly. If a student has a concern about any aspect of examinations, they should contact the Senior Tutor in the first instance.



A summer activity involving the propelling of a small boat along the river by means of a long pole. Green Templeton College has a punt available at the Cherwell Boathouse in North Oxford. Slots may be booked at the Lodge between the months of May and August. If you have never punted before, it is probably worth reading Daily Information's Guide to Punting before setting out.