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Green Templeton College | Oxford


Television licences

If you have a television in your College room or in a privately-rented room, you need a TV licence for it. If you share a house or flat with others who also have televisions, you will all need a TV licence. The only exception to this law is if you are all members of the same family, in which case you only need one TV licence for the household.


The current cost of a TV licence is £145.50 for a year. The current penalty for not having one is a fine of £1,000 plus legal costs.


You can buy a TV licence online (and pay by monthly instalments) by visiting the TV Licensing website.


Term dates

The Oxford academic year is divided into three terms: Michaelmas Term (October-December), Hilary Term (January-March), and Trinity Term (April-June).


Each Term has eight weeks, which are often referred to as First Week, Second Week, etc. You will also hear the week before the start of Term referred to as ‘Noughth Week’.


University Term Dates can be found on the University's website.



Torpids is the name given to the inter-College rowing competition which takes place in Hilary Term.


See more information about the Green Templeton Boat Club.


Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

This device represents the transit of Venus, the motion of the planet Venus across the disc of the Sun as viewed from Earth. Such a transit took place in 1769, and resulted in the building of the Radcliffe Observatory which now forms a focal point for the activity of the College.


Read more about the history of the Radcliffe Observatory.