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Green Templeton College | Oxford


Your College bill, or invoice, for rent, meals, and any other expenses. This will arrive by e-mail to your college e-mail address every month. Students may be charged interest at 2% per month on all battels which remain unpaid after 30 days. Students who are away from Oxford on electives or placements should ensure that battels are paid before they leave. Any charges which may accrue while students are away will not be subject to interest charges until after the student returns. For queries about battels, contact Kathleen Scroggins, Senior Finance Officer.


There will be a £20 charge on any cheque which is returned by the bank unpaid.


All outstanding bills to College must be paid before a degree is conferred. The College reserves the right not to present a student for graduation if their account has not been paid.


Students in financial difficulty or who have any other queries about payments should contact Keith HerringKeith Herring, College Accountant.


Many students find a bicycle is the most efficient way to travel around Oxford. There are a number of second-hand bike shops in the city, and you will also find many for sale through private adverts and noticeboards.


Bicycle parking is available at the front of College, on the left as you enter the main gate.


If you are not sure of the rules of the road in the United Kingdom, consult the Highway Code.


It is strongly recommended that you invest in a good quality bike lock, a cycle helmet, and front and back lights – and that you use these. You should also remember to include your bike in your personal belongings insurance.


The University offers advice about cycling in Oxford.

For more information on cycling in the UK, visit the CTC’s website.

Bodleian (‘the Bod’)

The Bodleian is the University of Oxford’s library. It includes the Old Library, the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Law Library, and the Radcliffe Science Library. The Bodleian is not a lending library, but as an Oxford student you automatically have reading rights in the Bodleian as well as in the College library and your departmental library. Access is gained by showing your University Card, which is why this card is often called your ‘Bod Card’.



A Bop is a College disco, usually organised by the GCR, and sometimes with a theme. At GTC bops usually take place in the Stables Bar.