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Green Templeton College | Oxford


Carfax is the crossroads in the middle of Oxford City Centre, where Cornmarket Street, High Street, St Aldate’s, and Queen Street meet. Graduate students must live within 25 miles of Carfax unless given special permission – see Residence Requirements.



You are strongly advised not to bring a car to Oxford unless it is absolutely necessary. Parking in Oxford is extremely limited and public transport links are very good. See also Parking.



Green Templeton College does not have its own childcare facilities. For information on childcare in the University, please see the University's information for parents and carers.



Collections, or Principal’s Collections, are formal progress interviews with the Principal and (usually) your College Adviser. They take place once a year. If you receive an invitation to attend Collections, this is considered to be compulsory.


College Adviser

Every student is allocated a College Adviser, who is a Fellow of the College. The Adviser is quite separate from any academic supervisor who might be appointed by a student’s department. The Adviser should keep an eye on a student’s academic progress, and also be available to advise on personal or pastoral matters.


For more information about College Advisers, or to find out who your Adviser is (or, for Fellows, who your Advisees are), see the College Advisers page or contact Alison Franklin.


Coat of Arms

This is the full Green Templeton coat of arms:


GTC crest

The crest

The mantle



The shield, or escutcheon



The crest shows the sun and the astrological symbol of Venus, because it was the lack of sufficient facilities to observe the transit of Venus across the sun in 1761 that led to the building of the Radcliffe Observatory.

The mantle is gold, associated with Templeton College, and Oxford Blue, associated with both Templeton College and the University of Oxford.

The shield displays:
- The staff of Asclepius, symbolising medicine (from the Green College arms)
- The nautilus shell, symbolising evolution and constant renewal (from the Templeton College arms)
- The green associated with Green College.

Usually a more stylised version depicting only the shield is used:

GTC shield


See also Transit of Venus.


Common Room

All members of the College, including Fellows, Research Fellows, and students, belong to the common room. Honorary Members of the College and Visiting Scholars are also members. Spouses, partners and children of Fellows and students are also invited to use the facilities of the Common Room, subject to conditions laid down by the College Life Committee.


Membership of the common room is open to others by election after proposal by two Fellows, and is competitive as numbers are limited. Detailed guidance on election to membership is available from Marina Prosperi.


See also the Common Room membership page.