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Green Templeton College | Oxford

This 'A to Z' aims to provide a quick reference guide to information about the College. Usually you will have to click on to another page for full information.

It also includes explanations of some of the more common words and phrases you will hear and see around the College and the University, some of which are peculiar to Oxford.

If, after reading the A to Z entry and any associated pages, you need further information, please ask a member of the College Office. They will probably be able to answer your question, and if not will be able to direct you to someone who can.

Academic dress

All members of the University are required to wear academic dress with subfusc clothing when attending any university examination, and also for matriculation and graduation ceremonies. It consists of your black graduate gown and a mortarboard (‘square’), or soft cap if preferred, plus subfusc clothing.


You can hire or buy your academic dress from Shepherd & Woodward; details are sent as part of the ‘new student’ mailing in July.



Ground-floor student accommodation is available both on and off site. There is lift access to the basement of the Walton Building, giving access to Library workspace and printing facilities, and the E P Abraham Lecture Theatre which is equipped with a loop aerial for use with hearing aids. The ground floor of the Observatory (including the Dining Hall) is accessible; however, those with mobility difficulties may not be able to access the upper levels.


Green Templeton College will make every effort to assist students with specific access requirements at any stage of their application or studies. Please contact Alison Franklin with any queries or requests. Incoming students are particularly  encouraged to contact GTC in advance of their arrival to discuss any requirements they may have.


The College website is designed with accessibility in mind. If you are having difficulties, please contact Sue Wilson.


See detailed information about student accommodation at GTC.

If you have any particular queries or concerns, please contact Nick Martin in the first instance.

Alternative examination arrangements

If you have a disability, or if you have an injury or illness which affects your ability to sit examinations, special arrangements can be made for you. Please contact Alison Franklin about requesting such arrangements.


All former students of the College are automatically ‘alumni’. You can sign up to receive news bulletins, information about events, College publications, and so on.


College alumni services are administered by the Development Office. Contact the Alumni Relations Coordinator for more details.


Your College bill, or invoice, for rent, meals, and any other expenses. This will arrive by e-mail to your college e-mail address every month. Students may be charged interest at 2% per month on all battels which remain unpaid after 30 days. Students who are away from Oxford on electives or placements should ensure that battels are paid before they leave. Any charges which may accrue while students are away will not be subject to interest charges until after the student returns. For queries about battels, contact Kathleen Scroggins, Senior Finance Officer.


There will be a £20 charge on any cheque which is returned by the bank unpaid.


All outstanding bills to College must be paid before a degree is conferred. The College reserves the right not to present a student for graduation if their account has not been paid.


Students in financial difficulty or who have any other queries about payments should contact Keith HerringKeith Herring, College Accountant.


Many students find a bicycle is the most efficient way to travel around Oxford. There are a number of second-hand bike shops in the city, and you will also find many for sale through private adverts and noticeboards.


Bicycle parking is available at the front of College, on the left as you enter the main gate.


If you are not sure of the rules of the road in the United Kingdom, consult the Highway Code.


It is strongly recommended that you invest in a good quality bike lock, a cycle helmet, and front and back lights – and that you use these. You should also remember to include your bike in your personal belongings insurance.


The University offers advice about cycling in Oxford.

For more information on cycling in the UK, visit the CTC’s website.

Bodleian (‘the Bod’)

The Bodleian is the University of Oxford’s library. It includes the Old Library, the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Law Library, and the Radcliffe Science Library. The Bodleian is not a lending library, but as an Oxford student you automatically have reading rights in the Bodleian as well as in the College library and your departmental library. Access is gained by showing your University Card, which is why this card is often called your ‘Bod Card’.



A Bop is a College disco, usually organised by the GCR, and sometimes with a theme. At GTC bops usually take place in the Stables Bar.


Carfax is the crossroads in the middle of Oxford City Centre, where Cornmarket Street, High Street, St Aldate’s, and Queen Street meet. Graduate students must live within 25 miles of Carfax unless given special permission – see Residence Requirements.



You are strongly advised not to bring a car to Oxford unless it is absolutely necessary. Parking in Oxford is extremely limited and public transport links are very good. See also Parking.



Green Templeton College does not have its own childcare facilities. For information on childcare in the University, please see the University's information for parents and carers.



Collections, or Principal’s Collections, are formal progress interviews with the Principal and (usually) your College Adviser. They take place once a year. If you receive an invitation to attend Collections, this is considered to be compulsory.


College Adviser

Every student is allocated a College Adviser, who is a Fellow of the College. The Adviser is quite separate from any academic supervisor who might be appointed by a student’s department. The Adviser should keep an eye on a student’s academic progress, and also be available to advise on personal or pastoral matters.


For more information about College Advisers, or to find out who your Adviser is (or, for Fellows, who your Advisees are), see the College Advisers page or contact Alison Franklin.


Coat of Arms

This is the full Green Templeton coat of arms:


GTC crest

The crest

The mantle



The shield, or escutcheon



The crest shows the sun and the astrological symbol of Venus, because it was the lack of sufficient facilities to observe the transit of Venus across the sun in 1761 that led to the building of the Radcliffe Observatory.

The mantle is gold, associated with Templeton College, and Oxford Blue, associated with both Templeton College and the University of Oxford.

The shield displays:
- The staff of Asclepius, symbolising medicine (from the Green College arms)
- The nautilus shell, symbolising evolution and constant renewal (from the Templeton College arms)
- The green associated with Green College.

Usually a more stylised version depicting only the shield is used:

GTC shield


See also Transit of Venus.


Common Room

All members of the College, including Fellows, Research Fellows, and students, belong to the common room. Honorary Members of the College and Visiting Scholars are also members. Spouses, partners and children of Fellows and students are also invited to use the facilities of the Common Room, subject to conditions laid down by the College Life Committee.


Membership of the common room is open to others by election after proposal by two Fellows, and is competitive as numbers are limited. Detailed guidance on election to membership is available from Marina Prosperi.


See also the Common Room membership page.


Daily Information

Daily Information is a brightly-coloured A2 broadsheet which is displayed all around Oxford – in every College lodge and University department, as well as many pubs, cafés, shops and offices. The sheet contains advertisements for jobs, accommodation, events, and services, plus listings for cinema, theatre, gigs and meetings.


It also exists on the web, where much more detailed information can be found, including a guide to Oxford, restaurant reviews, and useful downloads.



The Dean is a Fellow of the College responsible for the welfare, conduct and discipline of students.


The current Dean is Professor Richard McManus.


Dean of Degrees

The Dean of Degrees is a Fellow of the College with responsibility for College involvement in Graduation and Matriculation ceremonies.


The current Dean of Degrees is Dr Gerald Myatt.


Development Office

The Development Office has two main objectives: to maintain and build relationships with College alumni and friends, and to raise money to support the College and its student body.


For further information see the Alumni & Friends pages.



The Dining Room is based on the ground floor of the Radcliffe Observatory.


See further information about meals and how to book for them.



For directions to Green Templeton College, see our How to find us page.



Green Templeton College will make every effort to cater for students with disabilities. Disclosure of disability is not compulsory, but if the College is not aware of a disability specific adjustments cannot be made. This may be particularly important at exam time.


If you would like to disclose information about a disability, please contact Alison Franklin.


The College Doctor is Dr Deborah Waller at 19 Beaumont Street.


All students should register with a General Practitioner (GP) while in Oxford, and it is usual for this GP to be the College Doctor. New students should register by completing the medical questionnaire and GMS1 registration form sent in their Freshers' packs, which should be received in late July. You may also make an appointment to register by calling the surgery on 01865 240501 when you arrive in Oxford.


See further information about medical arrangements.



Doctor of Philosophy (or ‘doctorate’). In most other universities, this qualification is know as the PhD.



Special arrangements can be made for students with dyslexia. In addition to examination arrangements, this can also include appropriate support through a student’s course. If you have dyslexia (or think you may have dyslexia) it is therefore important to disclose this as early as possible. Contact Alison Franklin.

Eights Week

A week of inter-College boat races in Trinity Term.


See more information about the Green Templeton Boat Club.


Examination Schools

(also Exam Schools, or just ‘Schools’)

The building on the High Street where you will take most if not all of your exams.


The College fee is normally payable for the same period of time as the University (course) fee. Research students who have not completed their theses after their liability for University fees has ceased will be charged a College continuation fee of £100 per term.


See the GTC fees information page for more details.


All outstanding bills to College must be paid before a degree is conferred. The College reserves the right not to present a student for graduation if their account has not been paid.



A Fellow is a Professor, Reader, University Lecturer, or other College appointee who sits on the College’s Governing Body.


Freshers’ Fair

An event which takes place during Induction Week. New students will be allocated a timeslot to attend the event at Examination Schools. Representatives from University societies set up stalls and it is possible to find information about and sign up for sports, music, literary groups, societies for people from countries worldwide, along with more unusual activities.


The GCR or Graduate Common Room is the student body at Green Templeton College. It is run by a committee, governed by the GCR President. The committee represents the students to the College, with office-holders sitting on Governing Body and other College committees.


The new GCR Committee will be elected during Michaelmas term.


See the GCR website.

Governing Body

The College’s Governing Body is made up of the Principal and all the Fellows, plus nominees from the Research Fellows and students as co-opted members. A number of committees of Governing Body exist, most of which include student representation.


See a list of the College Committees.


Someone who has already gained a University degree. Often used interchangeably with postgraduate.


The ceremony at which students are awarded their degrees. Graduation ceremonies (or 'degree days') take place on specific days in the Sheldonian Theatre. Booking is essential; students will receive information about how to book in the November before they are due to complete their programme (taught students) or when they receive leave to supplicate (research students). There is usually some form of celebration in College.


All outstanding bills to College must be paid before a degree is conferred. The College reserves the right not to present a student for graduation if their account has not been paid.


See more details of dates and book a place.

Guest accommodation

Two double guest rooms are available for visitors, in addition to any student rooms which may be vacant. Enquiries should be directed to Nick Martin.


Students may have one visitor overnight in their own rooms for up to 3 nights in any period of 7 days. This period can be extended in special circumstances on application to the Bursar. Any visitors staying longer than 3 nights must otherwise rent a guest room.


In any case, students should inform Nick Martin if a guest will be staying, for reasons of safety and security.


Any student who is suffering from financial hardship is urged to contact Mike Newton, Acting College Accountant, for advice at the earliest stage. Limited College funds are available for cases of unforeseeable hardship, and a University Hardship Fund also exists.


See more information about financial hardship.


Head of House

The Head of House at Green Templeton College is the Principal. Currently the Acting Principal is Professor Denise Lievesley.


Titles in use at other colleges include Warden, Rector, Provost, Master, and President.


The process by which you are introduced to the University. Induction Week normally takes place the week before the start of your first term. Activities will be arranged by your department, and there will usually be an afternoon dedicated to the College, followed by a dinner. You will also have the opportunity to attend Freshers’ Fair.



You are strongly advised to insure your personal belongings while in Oxford, as the College cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property being used or stored on College premises.


Some insurance companies provide special student rates. For example you may secure insurance for personal possessions through Endsleigh Insurance, which is tailored for students.



Information about IT at Green Templeton College can be found here.


If you are still having difficulties after consulting this information, contact IT Support.

Junior Research Fellow (JRF)

An individual with a doctorate who is starting out on a research or academic career and who is attached to a College.

Lankester Quad

The first courtyard you reach on entering Green Templeton College through the main gate. The College administrative offices, the Development Office, and the Stables Bar can be entered from this quad.


See a map of the College.



The Library contains a collection of books and periodicals on medicine, management, and the social sciences, and is based on the ground floor of the Walton Building.


See further information about the Library and the services it provides.


Living expenses

It is recommended that a single student with no dependents should allow around £12,900 for a year’s living expenses (2013/14). You will find that the cost of living in Oxford is comparable to that in London. You should budget carefully, as the administrators of Hardship Funds are generally unsympathetic towards students who have simply misjudged their expenses.


See information from the University about calculating living expenses, including which costs this includes and other expenses you might have to budget for separately.


For help with budgeting, or any other financial difficulties, contact Mike Newton, Acting College Accountant



The Lodge is the first building you will encounter on arrival at the College (on your right as you enter the main gate). This is the College’s ‘reception’ area. It houses (among other things) the Porters and the student pigeon-holes.


More information about the Lodge.


See a map of the College.

McAlpine Quad

Enter the College through the main gate, into Lankester Quad, and turn left. This is McAlpine Quad. The Walton Building, New Block, and the Observer’s House can be entered from this quad.


See a map of the College.



See a map of the College.


See a map showing the location of the College in Oxford.



The formal ceremony which takes place (usually) on Saturday of 1st Week in Michaelmas Term to admit new students to the University. This takes place in the Sheldonian Theatre, and there is usually also some form of celebration in College organized by the GCR. There are also smaller matriculation ceremonies through the year for students who do not begin their course in Michaelmas Term. You will be required to wear full academic dress.



Transferring from one College to another. Whilst this is fairly common practice for 2nd BM students and for students who, having completed an MSc programme in one college, wish to transfer to another for a different MSc or DPhil studies, students are strongly discouraged from migrating midway through a programme. It requires a genuine reason, approval from both colleges, and ratification by the Proctors.



The square flat-topped black hat with a tassel on which forms part of your academic dress.


The Nautilus shell symbolises evolution and constant renewal. It is taken from the original Templeton College coat of arms.

See also Coat of Arms.


Newcomers’ Club

The Oxford University Newcomers’ Club is an organisation for the wives, husbands, and partners of visiting scholars, graduate students, and of newly-appointed academics of the University. The club offers help and advice, and the opportunity to meet one another socially. Membership is free.


Informal coffee meetings are held on Wednesday mornings. Newcomers with children aged 0-4 years meet weekly. A full programme of other activities is also offered. For further details see the Newcomers' Club website.


The Radcliffe Observatory dominates the College site. It contains the dining room and the common room, among other facilities.


Read more information about the history of the Observatory.


Observer’s House

The Observer’s House is on the west side of the McAlpine Quad. It houses the Principal’s office, the Kawasaki Room, and student accommodation.



The Oxford University Student Union (OUSU, pronounced ow-zoo) represents all students of the University of Oxford, and is not to be confused with the Oxford Union (see below). Their website contains a lot of useful information about welfare and finance, as well as details of student events and ways of getting involved in the wider student life of the University.


See the OUSU website for more details.


Oxford Union

The prestigious debating society. For more information and details about how to join, see the Oxford Union website.


Overseas students

In the context of a student’s fee status, this refers to students from outside the European Union.


No student parking is permitted on the College site. Pay and display parking is available on Woodstock Road, outside the main gate.


A limited number of parking spaces are available at rewley Abbey Court for an additional annual fee of £25 per month. Entry to and exit from the car park is barrier controlled.


On-street parking permits for Observatory Street may be requested from Oxford City Council.


More information about parking.



The tray or slot where your post (mail) will be left for you. In College your pigeon-hole can be found in the Lodge.



The Porters can be found in the Lodge. In general, porters know everything that is going on in College, officially and unofficially.



Any study at Masters or Doctoral level, or any student undertaking studies at this level. Often used interchangeably with graduate.


The Acting Principal of Green Templeton College is Professor Ingrid Lunt.



The Proctors are senior University officers responsible for making sure that the University operates according to its statutes. As well as being members of key decision-making committees, they deal with:

  • University (as distinct from College) student discipline
  • complaints about University matters
  • the running of University examinations.

They also carry out ceremonial duties, for example at degree ceremonies.


All students receive a copy of the 'Proctors' and Assessor's Memorandum - Essential Information for Students' at the start of their programme (it has a glossy, dark blue cover). View the Proctors' Memorandum online.


Students should not contact the Proctors directly. If a student has a concern about any aspect of examinations, they should contact the Senior Tutor in the first instance.



A summer activity involving the propelling of a small boat along the river by means of a long pole. Green Templeton College has a punt available at the Cherwell Boathouse in North Oxford. Slots may be booked at the Lodge between the months of May and August. If you have never punted before, it is probably worth reading Daily Information's Guide to Punting before setting out.


If you have a question about the College which you think should be included in this A to Z, please contact April López in the first instance.

Residence requirements

You must live within 25 miles from Carfax while studying at Oxford. In exceptional circumstances, permission may be granted for this requirement to be waived. Students who think they have good grounds to appeal to the Proctors for this permission should contact Alison Franklin in the first instance.


Rewley Abbey Court

A block of self-contained flats for student accommodation next to the Saïd Business School in central Oxford.


See more information about RAC.


Room ballot

The process by which accommodation for continuing students is allocated.


See more information about the room ballot.


Room bookings

To book College venues such as the dining room or the lecture theatre, contact the Conference and Events Manager.


College staff (male and female) responsible for cleaning and maintaining College rooms.


Senior Tutor

The Fellow responsible for monitoring the academic progress of students and for the academic life of the College overall.


The current Senior Tutor is Dr Chris Sauer.


Sheldonian Theatre

The Sheldonian Theatre is a large building on the corner of Broad Street and Catte Street, in which official University ceremonies such as Graduation and Matriculation take place. It is also a venue for large (usually serious) musical concerts.


Staff of Asclepius

The ‘serpent on a staff' appearing on the College’s Coat of Arms. It represents medicine, and is taken from the original Green College coat of arms.



(From the Latin meaning ‘dark brown’.)

All members of the University are required to wear academic dress with subfusc clothing when attending any university examination, ie:


    • One of:
      • Dark suit with dark socks, or
      • Dark skirt with black tights or stockings, or
      • Dark trousers with dark socks
      Dark coat if required
      Black shoes
      Plain white collared shirt or blouse
      White bow tie, black bow tie, black full-length tie, or black ribbon.

Dress should be such as might be appropriate for formal occasions.


Candidates serving in HM Forces are permitted to wear uniform together with a gown. (The uniform cap is worn in the street and carried when indoors.)


Your academic supervisor will be appointed by your department. They may or may not be a Fellow of Green Templeton College. They should be a student’s first contact in the case of any specific academic difficulty.


Television licences

If you have a television in your College room or in a privately-rented room, you need a TV licence for it. If you share a house or flat with others who also have televisions, you will all need a TV licence. The only exception to this law is if you are all members of the same family, in which case you only need one TV licence for the household.


The current cost of a TV licence is £145.50 for a year. The current penalty for not having one is a fine of £1,000 plus legal costs.


You can buy a TV licence online (and pay by monthly instalments) by visiting the TV Licensing website.


Term dates

The Oxford academic year is divided into three terms: Michaelmas Term (October-December), Hilary Term (January-March), and Trinity Term (April-June).


Each Term has eight weeks, which are often referred to as First Week, Second Week, etc. You will also hear the week before the start of Term referred to as ‘Noughth Week’.


University Term Dates can be found on the University's website.



Torpids is the name given to the inter-College rowing competition which takes place in Hilary Term.


See more information about the Green Templeton Boat Club.


Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

This device represents the transit of Venus, the motion of the planet Venus across the disc of the Sun as viewed from Earth. Such a transit took place in 1769, and resulted in the building of the Radcliffe Observatory which now forms a focal point for the activity of the College.


Read more about the history of the Radcliffe Observatory.



University Card (‘Bod card’)

Your University Card will be issued to you as part of the Induction process. This card acts as your identity card within the University, and you may need to produce it in order to gain access to your department and to University libraries such as the Bodleian (hence ‘Bod card’). You will also need it for any written exams you sit.


If your card is lost, stolen or otherwise needs replacement, contact Alison Franklin.


Read more information about the University card.



If you are not of a European nationality, you may need a visa in order to enter the UK for study.


See visa and immigration information from the University.


Up-to-date information can be found at the following UK Government websites:
Home Office guide to studying in the UK



See Guest accommodation.

Walton Building

The building on the south side of McAlpine Quad. This building contains the Library and Learning Resources Centre, E P Abraham Lecture Theatre and student accommodation.



If you have any comments about the new College website, or if you would like to report a problem such as a broken link, please contact Sue Wilson, the Communications Manager.



You may find the following contacts helpful in case of specific welfare needs:
Finance and Hardship – Mike Newton, Acting College Accountant
Medical – Dr Deborah Waller (College Doctor)
Disability – Alison Franklin
Alternative examination arrangements, including sudden illness – Alison Franklin,

If you have a problem and you are not sure who to contact:
Alison Franklin or April López will try to help you and will be able to direct you to the most appropriate person. They can be found in the offices on the east side of Lankester Quad.

If you feel more comfortable approaching a student in the first instance, the GCR appoints a Welfare Team – see the GCR's website for details.

Your College Adviser can also be useful as a first point of contact.