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Green Templeton College | Oxford

Papercut allows you to print remotely wherever you are. The system is designed such that you upload a file (doc, xls, ppt or pdf) to the webserver, then release the print job at a copier when it suits you. This enables printing directly from your personal laptops, without the need to install any drivers, or perform any configuration.

For security reasons, you will only be able to upload files from the university network. However, this includes OWL and Eduroam. This also means that you can run the University VPN when outside of the university network, and then upload the files.

Uploading files to the server will not be charged to your account, it is only when they are printed that they will be charged. Documents left unprinted after 3 days are automatically deleted fro the queue.

Prior to using this service, you will need to update your password in the College computer room. So you'll need to login to a computer in the hayloft using your SSO. Once logged in, you need to press CTRL-ALT-DEL together, and select the Change a Password option. You may wish to set this the same as your SSO password, but it needs to be at least 6 characters long with a mixture of letters and numbers. This will be the password for accessing Papercut through the web.

Note - Students who have been here for more than two years may have a username that doesn't match their SSO. To find out your GTC username, you'll need to login to a computer in the hayloft. Once in, select - Control Panel - User Accounts - Configure advanced user profile properties. The name field will give you your username. If you have any issues, book in to see someone in the IT team who can otherwise assist.

This requirement is temporary. Development work is underway to synchronise these accounts such that in future only the SSO will be required.

Remote Printing

As stated above, you can only login to the system from a University network (cabled, OWL or Eduroam). If you live in private accommodation, please connect via the University VPN client first before trying to connect.

1)To login, you need to go to the following webpage :
You will receive a warning that this site has an untrusted security certificate, but this can be ignored, and the site is indeed safe.

From the login screen, please enter your username and password (as setup above).

You'll then come to the welcome screen :

2)Select Web print.

3)Then Select - Submit a job

4) Select the print options you'd like for the print job:

(So Black or Colour, A4 or A3, single or double sided).

Web Print Queues

5) Click the Print Options and Account Selection button. From the Option page, select the number of copies and click Upload Document.

6)Click the Choose File button to select a file :

7) Click Upload and Complete. The system will process your file, and it will then show in the queue, ready for printing :

8) Now you go to either the ASC1 copier in the Walton building, or the MFC1 copier unit in the admin building, swipe your card, and release your print job.

Additional notes

The web interface doesn't offer such a full range of printing options as you would get printing directly to a local printer. For example, you cannot select which pages of a document to print. To workaround this, you can (in MS Word) print just the pages you want to a PDF printer, and upload this to the webprint server. Alternatively, you could just save the pages you want to print in a separate document.

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