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Green Templeton College | Oxford

There are many people in College or associated with the College who can help you if you are having difficulties:

  • the Junior Dean (student)
  • your College Adviser
  • the College Doctor
  • the College Nurse (see below)
  • the Pastoral Adviser (see below)
  • the Harassment Advisers (see below)
  • the GCR Welfare reps (students)
  • the Peer Supporters (see below)
  • the staff in the College Office and Finance Office.

These pages will provide you with more information about who to contact in particular situations.

All members of the College Welfare Team will respect and maintain the confidentiality and privacy of individuals. Only in exceptional circumstances, where an individual is judged to be a danger to themselves or others or when obliged by law, will confidential or private matters be shared.

If after reading them you are unsure who to approach, your first point of contact should be Alison Franklin, who will direct you to the most appropriate person. In emergency cases outside office hours, please contact the Lodge in the first instance.

College Nurse

The College Nurse provides medical and health support or advice on the College site. You may make an appointment or drop in during opening hours.

Everything you tell the College Nurse will be treated as confidential and will not be passed on to anyone else in the College without your consent.

The College Nurse is Jane Lambert. Email:

Drop in surgeries take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, 14.45 - 17.30hrs. It may be possible to offer some limited appointments at other times; please contact Jane Lambert direct.

You can also email Jane for advice and information. Emails will be responded to as soon as possible on working days but if you need urgent health advice please call the National Health Service 24-hour telephone advice line 111 (free from moviles and landlines), or your doctor.

Pastoral Adviser

The Pastoral Adviser is Professor John Lennox.


Professor Lennox offers advice, dialogue and support from the standpoint of a person of religious faith - in his case that of a practising Christian - to members of the College's community who may wish to turn to him. He is available equally to those of faith (not just Christian faith) and to those of none, whether students, Fellows, staff or others in our Collegiate family.


Contact John Lennox by e-mail or leave a message in his College pigeon-hole.

Harassment Advisers

GTC does not condone the bullying or harassment of any of its members, by any of its members. Students who feel that they are being subjected to bullying or harassment by another member of the College can get advice from the GTC Harassment Advisers:

 Harassment Advisory Panel membership

The College has also developed the following guidelines on harassment and bullying:

Student Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

Peer Supporters

GTC's Peer Supporters are students at Green Templeton who are happy to talk with GTC students about anything that is concerning them. Often it can help simply to get things off your chest or to know that someone is willing to listen and take time to understand what's on your mind.

Each of the Peer Supporters has received 30 hours of training by the University Counselling Service.

Click here to download a list of GTC Peer Supporters and their contact details