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Green Templeton College | Oxford

kawasaki september 2017 3

Green Templeton College was delighted to welcome Chairman Seiji Kawasaki, Professor Naoki Kashihara, and Dr Tim Cleminson to the College a few weeks ago for the Annual Review Meeting of the Kawasaki Gakuen/Green College Agreement. The group met with the Principal, Prof Denise Lievesley; the Bursar, Dr Tim Clayden; and Professor Richard Gibbons, a member of GTC’s Governing Body. They were also joined by Professor Atsushi Nagai and Professor Kozo Hanayama, both Kawasaki Fellows at GTC. The meeting included reports on the visits of previous Kawasaki Fellows, and presentations from current Kawasaki Fellows, Professor Nagai and Professor Hanayama, as well as discussions relating to current and future initiatives.

The Kawasaki Gakuen/Green College Agreement was originally signed in July 2002. When Green Templeton College was formed, the Kawasaki Gakuen/Green College Agreement was adopted by the new institution in October 2008, and the relationship continued. This academic enterprise was set up to encourage the exchange of Fellows between the two organisations.

Kawasaki Fellows spend between one and twelve months in Oxford and have, in the past, taken part in a wide range of activities within Green College (then Green Templeton College), the Oxford Medical School, and the wider University of Oxford. They have been afforded valuable opportunities to observe clinical practice, participate in research projects and forge research collaborations.

GTC were delighted also to host a group of Japanese medical students earlier this year.

Many GTC Fellows and students, as well as other members of the Oxford Medical School, have enjoyed brief visits to Kurashiki, Japan, where they have taken part in conferences and seminars, and enjoyed the excellent facilities of the Kawasaki Medical School and the Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare.

The warmth and value of the relationship between the two institutions continues to grow, and GTC looks forward to welcoming future Kawasaki Fellows.