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Green Templeton College | Oxford


On 5 November, Green Templeton College hosted a meeting of nurse leaders and health service managers to report findings for the ‘Health Services that Delivers for Newbons’ (HSD-N) research programme, which has been investigating coverage and gaps in newborn and neonatal care in Kenya. Attendees were optimistic that the meeting’s discussions could significantly improve the care received by newborns and sick neonates in Kenya.

Findings focused on the role of nursing in neonatal care provision, gaps in nursing numbers, and possible solutions to challenges. Discussants noted that task shifting and new specialisations might be able to alleviate some present issues. Attendees also discussed how the quality of nursing care in low- and middle-income countries is an oft neglected topic. The HSD-N team has sought to raise this issue with local partners (including the Nursing Council of Kenya and expert nurses) and to better evaluate the quality of nursing care for newborns.

THE HSD-N project is a collaborative work based at the Nuffield Department of Medicine and led by Mike English (Oxford & KWTRP); Gina Murphy (Oxford), Jake McKnight (Oxford); David Gathara (KWTRP) and Jacinta Nzinga (KWTRP) and in partnership with Strathmore University (Nairobi), Nairobi City County Government and the Kenya Paediatric Association.