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The Templeton News Bulletin was a monthly summary of the College's news stories, amalgamated into one convenient pdf document.

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July-September 2008

Sir John Templeton Dies at 95; Congratulations to Rosemary Stewart; Michael Earl to act as Pro-VC for Development and External Affairs; Recognition of Distinction; New book shows how to face the future in turbulent times; Oxford University 2008 Alumni Weekend: Combined Green and Templeton Alumni Day; The GTC “wedding” celebration; Farewell

May-June 2008

Congratulations to April and Debra; Academic Dinner; Goodbye; Templeton: View from the GCR; GCR dinner exchange programme concludes with Jesus College; Contribution of students recognised at last Templeton College Dinner; Trade unions, management, and mergers; Sarah Dorfman (Eights Week); Summer Eights Dinner 2008; Templeton student to review Government report on the brain drain; Development Director appointed for Green Templeton College; Nautilus Awards; Last Templeton Guest Dinner; A toast to Green Templeton College; CarboNZero recognition; Barclay Lecture charts 300 years of boom and bust; Isis Fellowships; Farewells; 2008 Dean's Prize; New Scholarships Awarded; Vice-Principal of Green Templeton College Announced; Date for your Diary

March-April 2008

New Research Fellow; A Musical First; GTC in step with University’s postgraduate agenda; Prize-Winning Projection; Reunion in New York; Beyond the ‘Happy Form’; The Missing Link; The Professor and the Professionals; Seizing the Moment; Prizes for College DPhils; Trudi Lang: Academy of Management Best Paper; By George!; Students Share in the Second Oxford Futures Forum; Auf Wiedersehen Pet; Ice Hockey Blue

January-February 2008

On Sabbatical: Looking at Executive Education Worldwide; New Scenarios for Old Professions?; Key Questions for Our Global Future; Making Sense of Corporate Social Responsibility; Management Studies: a New Map; Turning Japanese: College MPhil Goes Geisha; Student Stars in Scenarios Masters Class; Influential Article; Torpids Blades for Templeton-Hertford Boat; Date for your Diary: Green and Templeton College Alumni Celebratory Day

November-December 2007

New Book: Scenarios for Success; Book Marks Leadership Programme Silver Jubilee; New Student Officers; 25 Years of the OSLP; Green College Alumn Wins 2007 Oxford Leadership Prize; Green Comes to Templeton; GCR Gives to Nautilus Fund; An Autobiography with a Difference; Templeton College Michaelmas Student Guest Dinner; Academic Nautilus Award Winners Announced; Happy Birthday!; All the Right Ingredients for the Fellows’ Dinner; Alumn in Profile; Triple Celebration at College Dinner; Service Sector ‘Toxicity’ Essay Wins Normann Prize; New Associate Fellow - Dr Paul Temporal; Double Congratulations; Season’s Thoughts from on Top of the World; Date for your Diary

October 2007

Oxford in Africa; Wedding Bells & Babies; AIDS Study Highlighted; Oxford House Price Explosion; Charisma Has Its Dangers; Scenario Master Honoured; Images Are the New Words; Widening the College Circle; Greeting the Class of ‘07; Faces Old and New at College Dinner

August-September 2007

College Merger in the Local Press; No-Sex Programmes Ineffective Against HIV, Fellow Argues; New College Posts; New Registrar for Student Administration; New College Fellow: Felix Reed-Tsochas; An Introduction to Green College; Unreasonable Expectations? The NHS’s IT Programme; Model Green and Templeton Collaboration; Brain Drain or Brain Gain?; Meeting Minds: Alumni Weekend and Reunion; AIDS: When Abstinence Fails

June-July 2007

Student Nautilus Awards ‘Well Deserved’; The Jazz Age Revisited; Tim Royal Wins Dean’s Prize; Everybody Loves Bananas; European Retail Education Venture; A ‘People’ Person Bids Farewell; Fellows’ Dinner; Kunal Basu: Keynote Lectures; Gerd Islei: African Leadership Initiatives; Simply the Best; Positively Different; Change for College Fellow; A New Ecology of Knowledge; Intelligence Counts in Retail Price Wars; Sue Dopson Book Short-Listed; The Future of Business School Faculty; Merger to create new Oxford graduate college

May 2007

A Barclay Back in the Chair; Glamorous Scene; Winning Goal; The 2007 MBA ‘Olympics’; College Alumn Honoured for Immigrant Contribution; Getting Added Innovation Value from IT Outsourcing for Immigrant Contribution; Avon Calling

April 2007

Don Shepherd; Henley Rowing Win; Marathon Fundraiser; Cambridge Doctoral Lecture; Oxford ‘Sabbatical’ for Alan Rugman; College Alumni Attend New York Reception; Miss Great Britain Crown for Templeton Student?; A Very English Dinner; Asian Retail Visit; A Barclay Back in the Chair; New Vice-Chair; Young African Leaders; New Common Room

February-March 2007

Scenario for Success; Paris: Total Involvement; Feeny’s Formula; New Associate Fellows; Asian Branding Domination; Associate Fellow John Purcell Joins ACAS; Discussion Dinner at Oxford; Tomorrow’s Shopping; Beanland Painting Donated; Jonathan Reynolds in the Press; College Dinner; Karl Moore on Government, Globalisation and the Millennial Generation; College Calendar: The Summer Ball; First Templeton Rowing Blue; Football Blue; Structure Still Matters; Gerd Islei in East Africa

December 2006-January 2007

Man of the Match; Boat Club President Wins British Indoor Rowing Bronze; Jenny Beaton - A well-Deserved Honour; Rep for Rewley Abbey Court; Rugby Blue; Local Hero; College EMBA Successes; Kunal Basu in Profile; Approaches to the use of Hospital Support Staff: Major New NHS Study Grant; Consultants Wha' Hae! - Burns Comes to College; A Pipeline for Leadership Talent; Dorothy Cooke: Business and Pleasure in Malaysia; Government: Delivering on the Promise of IT

November 2006

Chairman Stands Down; 2006 Reunion: The College’s Future; Rewarding Performance; New Eight But No Name; Freshers Take to the River; Boat Club Goes Virtual; Denise Edwards: Twenty-Five Years Service; Congress in Vienna; MPA Director Elected Associate Fellow; Future Retail Formats: Who’ll Win, Who’ll Lose?; Kids ‘R’n’t Us; The Environment: ‘The Only Resource in Truly Short Supply Is Time’; Karl Moore: Leadership Interviews; Happy Return; E-Commerce: the Second Coming?; On Track; Australasia: Marshall Young Catches up with Alumni; Inside Multinationals; A (Student Guest) Night at the Opera; New Fellow; ‘South Korea Ahead of China’: Associate Fellow in Talks with Korean Minister; Students’ Contribution Highlighted at College Dinner; Students Study the Spirit of Oxford Enterprise; Guest Dining Night

October 2006

Student Degree Successes; Journal Citation Success; Human Resource Management and Knowledge Creation; The Future of Intellectual Property; Wise Words for the Class of '06; Literary Pursuits; Chinese Shoes and a Long Working Day; Farewell to Keith Blois; Maja Korica: New Junior Dean; Advancing Management; Keith Blois: Visiting Lancaster Professorship; Best Wishes; Peak Moments; Intellectual Property II; Small WorldParis: Signals from an Emerging World; New Student Officers; Academic Excellence Honoured at College Dinner; Marshall Young: Leaders 'an Endangered Species'; What Future for UK Business Schools?; Nautilus Fund Grows; New Common Room Opens; Celebrating Oxford Enterprise; China Welcome; The Shop Counter Still Counts

September 2006

The Dragon Joins Its Tongues; Lima Lecture; Warwick Moves; Perth Honour for Kunal Basu; Flying Off the Shelves; Knowledge Transfer Partnership Launched with the ESRC; Future Travel; Professional Development Programme; New Book: Rewarding Success; New Fellowship Strengths; Student Degree Successes; Templeton Students Honoured at Business Project Awards

July 2006

Sick as a Perroquet; Recognitions of Distinction; New Employment Law Handbook; Discussions on the Danube; Radio Interview; EC's Massive Microsoft Fine: Not So Clear-Cut After All; PhD for Visiting Templeton Scholar; Commemorating Ross Davies; One More Time; Farewell to Martin Barnes; Barclay Family Bereavement

May-June 2006

Remembering Ross Davies; Rewley Abbey Court Transfer; Cambridge Connection; London's Retail Dominance Challenged; 'Transparency' Tops 2006 Leadership Prize; Conviviality, Cuisine and Conversation; Convergence over Cuisine; Karl Moore: New Book; Kunal Basu Gives Durham Ustinov Lecture; Jazz & Jambalaya; Public Service Reform Conference Congratulations; Telegraph Highlights Oxford Leadership Prize; Glyn Pritchard Wins Dean's Prize; New Director for the Major Projects Association (MPA); Well Earned Awards; Achieving Personal Best; 'Around the World in Eighty Days'; Warwick Lectureship for Templeton DPhil; First Nautilus Fund Grants to Students; Templeton Students Compete in 'MBA Olympics'; All Things European; Checking In; Celebrating Summer; Templeton Associate to Head Olympics Marketing; PR Honour; Dr Andrew White Gives Keynote Speech at Young Arab Leaders Symposium; Tightening the Chains; Templeton Fellows Attend MPA Founders' Dinner; New Student Editor

April 2006

College Fellow Meets Desmond Tutu; Funding Initiatives; Oxonian Review of Books Article; Management Alumnus Launches African Leadership Initiative; New Bursar; Ramirez Book Praised; Counterfeiting Has Its Costs; Alan Rugman Honoured; Minister Comes to College; 2006 North American Reunion; Doctorate for Nicoletta; Hospital Computer Glitch: 'Hold-Up Would Be a Pity'; Back to College

March 2006

College Collaboration in West Africa; Oxbridge Exchange; Praise for New Student Facility; Using the Evidence; New Readership; Happy Return; Dean Visits India

December 2005-February 2006

The Myth of the Polish Plumber; Fortieth Anniversary Book; Top Customer Service Awards for Templeton Staff; West Africa Network Takes Off; Backlash on the High Street?; Learning from Wikipedia; Future Retail Models Study; Templeton Fellows Help Develop a New Role for IT in Government; The Strange Case of the Missing Xboxes?; Kung Fu Hustle?; Venetian Valentine Night; The Future of Air Travel in Asia; Templeton Fellow Straddles East and West; The Shape of Leaders to Come; A Night at the Opera; Fred Webster - OCMS 1970-1984; Emerging Markets Forum: Regional Economic Integration the Way Forward; Talking to Top Clients: the Deloitte Relationship; Key Role for Templeton Fellow at Scania Conference; Kunal Basu: New Novel: Fond Farewell to Roger Undy; Total Involvement; CCC Programme Explores the Meaning of Change; Russia's Retail Revolution

November 2005

Pensions: The Battle for the Middle Ground; Health Minister Road Tests Policy in Templeton Workshop; Leadership Writer; Bill Impey Honoured; Quick-Fire Consultancy for Organisations in Change; Reaching the Consumer: Paper or Pixel?; Airport Retailing - Still Grounded?; Aristotle, Leonardo, Pixels & Lego; Top Ten Article; Flexing the Workforce; Retailing Round the World; 'Business Leader of the Year' Talks to CEOs; Judgement Day; Silver Jubilee Meeting of NHS Chairs; Applause, laughter, and the importance of risk-taking: the TEN Reunion 2005; Wine List Honour; New Graduate Student Officers

October 2005

Vice-Chancellor announces a major development in management education at Oxford; The Sociology of Computing; Leadership Prize Breakfast; Hollow Rewards?; World Champion Weightlifter; Le Contrat Social Selon Thompson; Deloitte Delight; International Development Partnership Launched with Anand Automotive Systems of India; Futures Library Opens; In Their Own Words: Changing Public Service Roles; Faking It; AMP: China Crisis?; Fusion Point; High in the Sky: Loizos Heracleous; Multi-Channel Retailing; Asian Business Leaders Forum; Record Student Numbers Boosted by New Programme; BMW Group's Oxford Partnership in the Media; Praise for Scenarios Input

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