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Green Templeton College | Oxford


  • Principal - Chair
  • Vice-Principal
  • Dean
  • Senior Tutor
  • Bursar
    Domestic Bursar
  • Chairs of the following Committees: Academic, Building, College Life, Human Resources, Development, Fellowship, Remuneration, Investment, Student Welfare
  • Six other members of the Governing Body, elected by the Governing Body with a view to maintaining subject balance, and to include two Barclay Fellows and Governing Body members
    Research Fellow representative
  • The President and Vice President (Welfare) of the GCR
    Academic Registrar as Secretary.

Terms of reference

  1. To consider on behalf of the Governing Body all material practical and operational matters affecting the running of the College;
  2. To consider the remits, membership and functioning of the Standing Committees of the Governing Body and make recommendations to the Governing Body should the Committee consider any changes desirable;
  3. To consider all questions affecting the College’s budget; to receive a draft for each annual budget from the College Officers in Hilary Term of the preceding academic year; and then to recommend a budget to the Governing Body;
  4. To scrutinize monthly management accounts supplied by the College Officers;
  5. To consider appropriate strategic and planning documents and report on these to the Governing Body;
  6. To monitor and review operational performance against objectives and outcomes identified in the budgets and plans;
  7. To receive reports from the Computing Subcommittee;
  8. To act on behalf of the Governing Body with respect to capital expenditures within such limits as may be agreed by the Governing Body from time to time;
  9. To consider all appeals made to the College: to administer such funds as may be made available by the Governing Body for support of charitable causes either within Oxford or for educational and humanitarian purposes elsewhere; and to report to the Governing Body; provided always that in no case shall funding or support be made available for any activity which would be detrimental to the College’s overall commitment, under Statute 1.3, to the support of advanced study, learning, education and research;
  10. To review annually in Hilary Term the Standing Orders of the Governing Body and the general arrangements for the conduct of its business.

    Library & Information Systems Sub-committee