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Green Templeton College | Oxford


  • At least two members of the Governing Body, one of whom shall be the Library Fellow, the other the IT Fellow, a person with particular experience of information technology
  • Bursar
  • Head of Library and Information Services
  • IT Manager
  • One Research Fellow
  • Librarian
  • Three Student Members representing the broad interests of the student body
  • Up to two other members with expertise in IT.

Terms of reference

  1. To advise the Governing Body on computing, telecommunications, library and information retrieval policy and practice within the college and in particular:
  2. To advise the Governing Body on the use of computers within the college, including such matters as the choice of hard and software, computer networking and security, and the provision of capital and recurrent funds for computing;
  3. To be responsible for appointing student Computing Scholars;
  4. To advise on library catalogue and information retrieval facilities;
  5. To administer the Library within a budget approved by the Governing Body;
  6. To oversee the stewardship of the Pierre Wack Library and any other special collections entrusted to the College;
  7. To advise the Governing Body and the Academic Committee on library policy with regard to purchasing and holdings;
  8. To recommend to the Buildings Committee the allocation of accommodation and related facilities for computing and library purposes;
  9. To be responsible for College website policy;
  10. To monitor the performance of library and information systems arrangements within the College;
  11. To report to the Governing Body at such times as appropriate; to meet at least once a term and to report to the Governing Body at its second stated meeting in Trinity Term on the general position of information systems arrangements within the College.