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Green Templeton College | Oxford

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Charter and Statutes

College Regulations

College Handbook

Students should note that Student Disciplinary and Fitness to Study procedures can now be found in the College Regulations (see above, Regulation 10 onwards). Please ask the Senior Tutor
Alison Stenton or Academic Registrar Ali Franklin if you have any queries about this.

 Academic Integrity Policy
Access to the Radcliffe Observatory Tower
Bribery and Fraud Policy
 Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure
 Equal Opportunities Policy
Equality and Diversity Annual Report
Financial Regulations
Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme (2017)
 Free Speech Statement
Information Security Policy
 Sustainability Strategy
Use of Alcohol, Controlled Substances and Legal Highs (2016)
PDF Debt Prevention and Hardship

Information on Data Protection at GTC


Human Resources (HR)

College HR policies can be found in the Staff Handbook

Green Templeton Staff Handbook

Individual HR policies are listed below:

Alcohol, Drugs, and Substance Misuse Policy

Animals in the Workplace
 Child Safeguarding
Children at Work

Confidentiality Policy

Contracts of Employment

Equality and Diversity Policy
Flexible Working Policy

Grievance Policy

Harassment Policy
Harassment Advisory Panel
Health and Safety Policy


Hours of Work

Maternity Policy

Other Leave or Absence from Work


Paternity Policy


Personal Telephone Call Policy


Recruitment and Selection Policy

Regrading Policy

Relocation Expenses Policy

Retirement Policy


Security Protocol

Sickness Absence Policy

Staff Consultation and Information Policy
Staff Disciplinary Procedure

Staff Loans Policy

 Staff Student Relationships Policy

Staff Smoking and Vaping Policy

Standards Policy
Stress Policy

Termination of Appointments by Notice

Use of Email and Internet Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy
Work Permits

Student policies

 Policy and Procedure on Student Concerns and Complaints
 GTC Policy on referrals to SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre)

See more information about Student Welfare and how to get help.

Policy on paid work by graduate students

GTC has adopted the University's guidelines on paid work by graduate students, which can be found on the Education Committee webpages.