About Green Templeton

Green Templeton College is a graduate community at the heart of the University of Oxford. It brings together students, academics and practitioners with a particular focus on business and management, health and medicine, and social sciences.

Contemporary Outlook

With around 650 students from close to 75 countries and more than 300 fellows, we are international, family friendly and future focused within a traditional Oxford setting.

Collaborations and interactions across our community of students, fellows and staff are actively encouraged and our egalitarian ethos is epitomised by a single common room. The inclusion of all, regardless of gender, sexual identity, race, ethnicity or class, is one of our foundational principles.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our intellectual agenda and distinctive academic profile emphasise issues relating to human welfare and social, economic and environmental well-being in the 21st century.

The disciplines of our academic and student members cover health and medical sciences; business and management; and a broad range of social sciences, including education, environmental sciences and social policy.

Green Templeton pursues a range of academic initiatives, bringing together college members from different areas of expertise on issues around health and care, and policy and practice.

Practice Orientation

Green Templeton is outward facing and has permeable boundaries to bring high quality academic research to bear on real world problems.

In medicine, our practitioners are furthering learning hand-in-hand with their clinical work, whether pioneering liver transplant techniques or setting the global standards for early warnings of stroke.

In business, our members are advising large enterprises on the implications of AI for the future of work and establishing social enterprises piloting local solar electric grids in India. As home of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, we actively engage newsroom leaders from across the world.