Development overview

To create an attractive learning environment and to support the success and welfare of the college community Green Templeton needs to improve its main accommodation, academic and social facilities.

Diagram of Existing Site at Green Templeton

Existing site

Aerial View of Green Templeton site

Aerial photograph

The development proposed is to:

  • Build 50 units of student accommodation within the walled garden.
  • Replace the 1980s Richard Doll building with a new dining hall.
  • Provide a new informal study space and café within the garden.
  • Provide permanent gym/fitness training facilities.

Feilden Fowles Architects were selected to develop the detailed design proposals, supported by a multi-disciplinary team to advise on matters such as planning, heritage, ecology, sustainability and landscape. Understanding and respecting the historic context (and not least the views and from the Radcliffe Observatory) have been fundamental to the design solution. Early consultation with the City Council, Historic England and the Oxford Design Review Panel has helped to inform and shape the development.

Diagram of Heritage Context of Radcliffe Observatory site

Heritage context

A masterplan looking at the whole campus, the college’s needs and the opportunities and challenges the site presents was an important first step, ensuring that this development helps deliver the strategic vision for the whole site.

Plan of Overall Strategy for development

Overall strategy