Landscape and sustainability

The landscape proposals will retain and respect the existing character of the site, enhance the setting of the Observatory and deliver biodiversity net gain. Landscape proposals have been developed by Dan Pearson Studio.

Illustration of Existing Landscape Character

Existing landscape character

Diagram of Walled Garden Proposed Layout

Walled garden proposed layout

The buildings are all designed for low energy use, following passive design principles and being thermally very efficient, to possess low embodied carbon and overall will achieve at least a 40% reduction in carbon emission compared to current Building Regulations.

Proposed Section Illustrating Clay Block Construction

Proposed section illustrating clay block construction

The design of both the student units and the Dining Hall is based around the use of an innovative cellular clay building block technology making it thermally very efficient. Natural and mechanical ventilation systems, daylighting, supplemented with ground source heat pumps will ensure good ambient temperatures all year round.