Student accommodation in the walled garden

Three new accommodation buildings are proposed within the walled garden, which will house 50 student bedrooms. The buildings will be three storeys, constructed from natural stone, brick and clay blocks in order to minimise carbon intensive materials such as concrete and steel, lowering the embodied energy. The buildings have been designed to reduce the college’s carbon footprint and to be highly sustainable.

Proposed Layout of new accommodation blocks

Proposed layout

The development includes the replacement of the 1980s Porters Lodge, the removal of the squash and tennis courts within the walled gardens and relocating the gardeners’ facilities.

Proposed view From Central Courtyard

Illustration from central courtyard

The proposed new eastern building range includes a new Porters’ Lodge and welcoming college entrance beneath a new gatehouse building to give a stronger presence for the college and a point of interest on the Woodstock Road. This will also include improved levels of security for the college community.

Proposed view Of Entrance Gatehouse From Woodstock Road Cropped

Illustration of entrance gatehouse from Woodstock Road