Appendix 1: Green Templeton Equality & Diversity Forum

Briefing on the new forum for Governing Body

Alison Stenton

The College has agreed to establish an Equality & Diversity Forum, starting in Hilary 2020. This has already been discussed with HR Committee in Michaelmas 2019. The remit and composition of the Forum is outlined below.

The remit of the GTC E&D Forum

  1. Via the E&D Lead (Senior Tutor), to provide input into E&D-related policy, objectives and reporting. The E&D lead will then take the output from this work to the relevant college committees for discussion and approval
  2. Via the E&D Champion (Neo Tapela) and E&D Lead, to provide oversight for E&D-related projects that seek to meet the PSED objectives (in particular number 4). The goal, here, is to have a calendar of regular activities which are organised by this group (or sub groups of the forum).

It would normally meet termly, but we propose to hold two meetings in its inaugural phase (HT and TT2020) in order to test format, composition and objectives.

Composition of the forum 2020-21

  • Co-chairs: E&D Lead and Champion. Alison Stenton (Lead) and Neo Tapela (Champion)
  • Secretary: HR Manager, Jane Wastie
  • College staff: Teresa Strike (Estates), Alison Franklin (College Office), Elaine Huckson (Events), Sam Novak-Mitchell (Development), Allison D’Ambrosia (Student Engagement Officer)
  • GCR reps. Claire Otasowie, Ellie Hopkinson (E&D reps); Sam Ritholz (LGBTQ+ rep); Josephine Agyeman-Duah (Black students rep)
  • Fellows. Prof Robert Arnott, Dr Ben Chrisinger, Prof Alan Silman, Dr Susan James Relly (GB Champion)
  • Students. Penny Cornwall, Lauren Rudd, Kelly-Ann Fonderson, Ken Deng, Cyntha Galaz, Malvika Gupta, Emily Gough, Emma Dhir, Safia Khan, Alex Ruhland-Syquia