Fairtrade Policy

Green Templeton College recognises that there is an important educational as well as ethical justification for supporting and promoting Fairtrade. The college is committed to sourcing, using, selling and promoting such products through its retail operations and appropriate events and activities. Fairly traded goods can positively impact on the college’s commitments to sustainability, equality, and social impact by supporting small-scale farmers in developing countries. This aligns with Green Templeton’s commitment to sustainable development.

Procurement, sale and promotion of Fairtrade products

  • Fairtrade products will be used by the catering team where possible
  • Fairtrade products will be made available in College Bar
  • Fairtrade tea and coffee will be used within hospitality, conferencing and meetings
  • Green Templeton will encourage increased consumption of Fairtrade products within the college by raising awareness
  • The college will promote Fairtrade Fortnight each year

Steering Group

  • The Sustainability Working Group includes Fairtrade as part of its remit
  • The group will meet once a term to monitor and improve the college’s commitment to Fairtrade as part of the University of Oxford
  • The membership of this group shall include staff, fellows and students