Recycling in student accommodation

Your blue recycling bin and black rubbish bin will be emptied daily by housekeeping, provided they are left outside your bedroom door.

Blue bin recycling

Please rinse glass bottles, jars, cartons, plastic bottles and cans, as this helps to keep your bin clean. Squashing recycling also saves space in your bin and the collection vehicle.

The following can be recycled in the blue recycling bin:

  • Paper, card and cardboard (all paper products, envelopes, directories, cardboard tubes, flattened boxes, and packaging)
  • Metal cans and foil (discharged aerosol cans, aluminium, washed and squashed metal tins)
  • Plastics (all types of crushed plastic bottles and lids, plastic pots, tubs, trays and punnets)
  • Drinks cartons and Tetra packs
  • Cling film (clean)
  • Plastic carrier bags (please do not fill)

The following cannot be recycled in the blue recycling bin:

  • Black bin liners
  • Crisp packets
  • Coffee machine pods
  • Hard plastic (e.g. storage boxes)
  • Plastic toys/gadgets
  • Polystyrene foam
  • Sweet/chocolate wrappers

Please do not contaminate your recycling with food waste.

Glass recycling

Glass recycling is your responsibility and must be taken from your room to the bins provided. Glass recycling should be put into the external bins of your property and not into room bins.

Food waste

Food waste bins are located in all student accommodation in the shared kitchens.

The following can be recycled in your food waste:

  • Bread and pastries
  • Dairy products (e.g. cheese)
  • Fish (including bones and scales)
  • Fruit and vegetables (including fruit stones)
  • Meat and bones (cooked or uncooked)
  • Cooking oils and fats (e.g. vegetable oil, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, lard)
  • Please collect (cooled) oils and fats in a plastic bottle and place inside your food caddy or red bin (these can be solid or liquid form)
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds

The following cannot be recycled in your food waste:

  • Compostable cups and packaging (these have to go into the waste bins)
  • Glass
  • Non-food products
  • Packaging
  • Vegware packaging (these have to go into the waste bins)

You can line your caddy with any of the following:

  • Plastic carrier bags
  • Supermarket carrier bags (including bags for life)
  • Pedal bin liners (not black bags)
  • Other plastic bags (e.g. bread bags and salad bags)
  • Compostable bags
  • Newspaper