Health and Care

Green Templeton College’s health and care programmes focus on long‐term challenges facing health and care adopting a multi‐disciplinary, multi‐stakeholder approach and drawing on insights from across the world.

We live in a time of rapid demographic, epidemiological, technological and sociocultural change. In the UK and elsewhere, health and social care systems that emerged decades ago to meet very different patterns of need are under unprecedented strain. Although the values on which health and social care systems are based (e.g. universality) tend to have widespread public support, their fitness for purpose is widely questioned.

However, there remains a lack of a long-term vision about the future and questions remain unanswered on subjects such as the sustainability of health and care systems, the role of civil society, patient involvement, technology, leadership, and workforce.

Green Templeton is well placed to explore these issues. The college’s academic profile, specialising in health and well-being and drawing on social science, management and medicine in particular, brings together the key disciplines to explore these issues in-depth.

The college is currently running several academic programmes as part of The Future of Health and Care.

A poster advertising the GTC mHealth Conference in 2018 which shows a collage of images of different people speaking at lecterns, with a picture of the Radcliffe Observatory in the middle