Medical Humanities

Through our Oxford-Globe Forum and our Summer School, Medical Humanities explores the interface between clinical medicine and the humanities.

The Oxford-Globe Forum on Medicine and Theatre in Practice meets once or twice a year, alternating between Shakespeare’s Globe and the University of Oxford. It brings together researchers and practitioners in medicine, theatre and academia to explore a designated theme.

The theme for the last event, held at Green Templeton College in 2017, was Altered States. Papers included topics such as: consciousness and unconsciousness, hallucinations, possession, sleep and dreaming, melancholy and anxiety, madness, anger, passion and passions, trances, voices, echoes, the senses, obsession, contagion, grief and mourning.

Medical Humanities Summer School

*We are working hard on our plans for a 2021 Medical Humanities Summer School taking account of the ever-changing coronavirus situation. We will make an announcement in January 2021. Please email if you want to be emailed when we have more information to share.*

Previous Summer Schools

The inaugural Medical Humanities Summer School in July 2018 introduced 22 students to the connection between the art and the science of medicine: e.g. observation; illness narratives; language and communication; body language; medical ethics; ageing; cultures of normality; diversity, gender, and (anti-)heroes. Teaching was delivered through a mixture of lecture-discussion and interactive workshops.

The Medical Humanities Summer School 2019 took place at Green Templeton from 14 to 20 July 2019.

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