Patient Experiences

Ann McPherson Memorial Lectures

These annual lectures celebrate the academic and professional achievements and legacy of the late Dr Ann McPherson, former Green Templeton College Fellow and the driving force behind the foundation of the Oxford Health Experiences Institute (HEXI). Each year the Ann McPherson Memorial Lecture aims to celebrate Ann’s academic and professional achievements and legacy by focusing on an area within Ann’s broad range of interests.

  • October 2018: Polly Toynbee, ‘The Final Freedom: A Right to Die’
  • November 2017: Clare Marx, ‘A Glass Half Full’
  • October 2016: Dr Anna Middleton, ‘Socialising the Genome’
  • May 2015: Professor Ann Oakley, ‘Voices of Experience: Reflections on four decades of women’s health research’
  • April 2014: Dr Aidan Macfarlane, ‘Adolescent Behaviours – Learning From Experimentation – A Risky Business?’
  • May 2013: Professor Trish Greenhalgh, ‘Illness Narratives: phenomenological and cross-cultural perspectives’
  • May 2012: Dr Clare Gerada, ‘Hearing the Patient’s Voice in a changing NHS’

The Oxford Health Experiences Institute (HEXI)

The Oxford Health Experiences Institute (HEXI) ran an active programme of events to understand experiences of health, illness and healthcare, and use that understanding to transform care through influencing policy, practice and education. HEXI was a joint initiative between Green Templeton College and the University’s Department of Primary Care Health Services.

You can find further information about HEXI here.