Student Projects

Green Templeton supports its students to organize academic activities and events that benefit the college community, such as reading or discussion groups, lectures and seminars, film screenings or workshops. Students can also apply to convene and run the annual Human Welfare Conference.

The college may offer in-kind support (such as the free use of college rooms and facilities, help with administration or publicity, or access to college networks) as well as small financial grants (up to £1000).

Financial support is enabled by the generosity of donors to the Annual Fund: funded applicants should acknowledge this support as appropriate, and will be asked to produce a short report on their activity. The report will be used to inform donors to the Annual Fund about the impact of their gift and may also be used for future publicity materials.

How to apply

You’ll need to apply to the college for support for your activity or event well in advance (usually at least one full term and one full vacation before the event takes place). Please note that if you are on a one-year course, you’ll usually need to apply for support in your first term in order to have enough time to plan and deliver your project.

You can only make one Academic application per academic year (but each application can include a programme of multiple events).

  • We strongly recommend that you attend the Atlas Workshop/ briefing session on ‘College Funding for your Academic Projects’ early in Michaelmas Term. Register for 2023-4.
  • If you have any questions about the logistical aspects of your application (what dates might be best to schedule an event, what facilities or catering would be available and how much they’ll cost etc), email the GTC Events Team before you submit your application.
  • If you have any questions about the content of your project (its benefits to the college community, how it might fit with other projects at GTC, how and to whom it could be publicised etc), email the Academic Projects Team before you submit your application.
  • Complete the application form below, reading the notes carefully, and email it to Academic Projects. You can submit your application at any time. We will aim to consider the proposal and reply within three weeks.

Looking for inspiration? Current student projects include

The Medical Anthropology Film and Discussion Group hold regular screenings of films related to medical anthropology.

The Black Students’ Society publish an online journal and organise events, from an end-of-term punting trip to talks celebrating Black History Month.

The Oxford Global Health and Care Systems Society run a programme of lectures, seminars and other activities.

The Richard Doll Society supports GTC’s medical students and runs events such as career workshops, outreach sessions, as well as a mentoring programme and an annual conference.

The annual student-run Human Welfare Conference focused in 2023 on Psychedelics: Revolution and Renaissance in Human Welfare. Apply to convene and run a full-day conference here.

Previous student projects include

Social Sciences Seminar Series

Alex Midlen, MSc Nature, Society and Environmental Governance

‘Sustainability in…’ talks

Constanze Cavalier, MSc(Res) Biochemistry, and Lore Purroy Sánchez, MPhil Development Studies

Green Recovery Now

Lore Purroy Sánchez, MPhil Development Studies

Racism as a public health crisis

Isra Hasnain, MSc Medical Anthropology, and Imogen Malpas, MSc Medical Anthropology

Chinese Science / Humanities Club

Zhiyi Wu, DPhil Ion Channels and Disease

Land Transformations in BRICS workshop

Mihika Chatterjee, DPhil International Development

Green Templeton College Obesity Conference

Keiko Kanno, DPhil Medical Anthropology

Green Templeton College Outreach Talks

Carlos Outeiral, DPhil Statistics