Oxford Global Health and Care Systems Society


The Oxford Global Health and Care Systems Society, also known as OGHCS, is a student academic project which began at Green Templeton College with support from the GTC Annual Fund.

The society is comprised of a group of diverse, interdisciplinary students who share an interest in global health issues, with a particular focus on health systems strengthening and recovery.

How to join

We would love to welcome new members into the society who are interested in global health and are keen to discuss and create spaces for further engagement on global health and care systems related topics with the wider college community. If you are interested in joining the society, please fill out the form with your details.

If you have any questions about the society, please contact: michelle.yeung@gtc.ox.ac.uk.

Fill out my online form.

All college members are welcome to attend Oxford Global Health and Care Systems Society events. Details of forthcoming events will be shared on this page.

Previous events

How has COVID-19 impacted the future of global health?

Wednesday 28 April 2021

A discussion-based workshop with the aim of gathering participants’ unique lived experiences on how COVID-19 has impacted on the future of global health. Break-out rooms allowed for a collaborative and iterative discussion process featuring four sub-topics including:

Participants engaged with this overarching question in break-out rooms for a collaborative and iterative discussion process featuring four sub-topics that included:

  • international biomedical collaboration in clinical research;
  • health systems recovery and strengthening;
  • health data and disease surveillance;
  • and COVID-19 as a human crisis, where we will explore the politicization and racialization of the pandemic (among other sociocultural aspects of the coronavirus).

There was then an opportunity to return as a larger group to share and further build upon a plethora of valuable opinions and perspectives that emerged from the more intimate discussion sessions, and to reach some sort of a co-created, forward-thinking conclusion – or to forego a conclusion altogether, and co-create further questions instead.

Confronting cancer among Africa’s rural poor through implementation research

Thursday 21 November 2019

Dr Neo Tapela, Equality & Diversity Fellow, Green Templeton College provided an overview of trends in cancer burden in the African region and contributors to poor survival, and described implementation research examples from her work addressing some of these contributors from Rwanda and Botswana.

‘Mountains Beyond Mountains’ book club discussion

Sunday 10 November 2019

An Oxford Global Health and Care Systems Society discussion on the book Mountains Beyond Mountains: One Doctor’s Quest to Heal the World by Tracey  Kidder.

Doc-U-Mentally film screening

Friday 18 October 2019

This screening and panel discussion explored the impact of working hour regulations of doctors on patient safety. The critically acclaimed documentary follows five young, motivated South African doctors from different cultural backgrounds through a 30-hour shift at two rural hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  The Safe Working Hours campaign film was followed by an interactive discussion including a panel of three junior doctors from South Africa who led the Safe Working Hours advocacy campaign.

Progress and challenges in developing the medical workforce in Kenya and the emergence of professional colleges to provide specialty training

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Fred Were, Professor of Perinatal and Neonatal Medicine at the University of Nairobi, outlined how medical student training has expanded in Kenya over the last decade as new universities have emerged, and the challenges this has posed in maintaining quality and absorption / retention in the public sector. He also spoke about how specialty training is evolving away from a university-based model as professional colleges are being established to serve the East Africa Region.

Diffusion of innovation in healthcare

Thursday 23 May 2019

Dr Nick Fahy, Research Fellow and Senior Researcher at Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford, provided a theoretical framework for this discussion, which was open to all students working or interested in global health. The group spoke about how innovations in healthcare can spread from one setting to another. The talk was followed by an informal pizza evening in the Stables Bar.

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