‘Sustainability in…’ talks

The ‘Sustainability in…’ talks are organised by Constanze Cavalier, MSc(Res) Biochemistry, and Lore Purroy Sánchez, MPhil Development Studies.

Constanze and Lore are the Environment Officers of the Graduate Common Room (GCR).

About the ‘Sustainability in…’ talks

Sustainability is becoming an important subject in every field and profession, and sustainability efforts are found in diverse areas. The UN 17 sustainable development goals include, for example, health, climate change, diversity and equality, social inequality, education, and finances.

These talks aim to find speakers who can highlight their efforts in sustainability in their field and identify the challenges and opportunities in their disciplines to give the opportunity to open a discussion around sustainability in their field.

Speakers have the opportunity to talk about their personal experiences in their work, give wider information about the field in general, or a combination of both. They will present their unique view on sustainability with the aim of sparking inspiration for the audience to take up their own challenges to support the sustainable development goals.

The ‘Sustainability in…’ talks are supported by a Green Templeton College academic grant.

The talks

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