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Green Templeton College | Oxford

Astrid profileGTC-SBS DPhil Scholarship

Green Templeton College - Saïd Business School DPhil Scholarship

This is my second year on the DPhil in Management Studies, and I cannot believe time flies so fast.

Whilst I was completing coursework and struggling to get a foothold on my topic last year, this year I settled on: 'The Origins of Scepticism: Early-childhood socialisation into consumer behaviour.'

Recognising that we know little about how and what children learn about markets and consumer behaviour in their early development years, I explore how themes of deception, money, and consumption are treated in children's picture books.

I argue that the acquisition of visual literacy, amongst other cognitive and cultural skills, is fundamental to the development of the child, and eventually the savvy consumer. My methods combine the close reading of cognitive literary analysis, and the distant reading of computational linguistics. Both methods are new to the field of marketing, but look promising.

I successfully passed my Transfer of Status in May 2015. I have been learning two new programming languages, as well as the different requirements for setting up a 'Digital Humanities' project, which is where I take inspiration for my method. So far, acquiring these new skills has been very fulfilling.

"I have worked as a teaching asistant for the undergraduate course in General Management, helped organise and presented a paper at SBS's Winter Doctoral Conference, and participated in a doctoral summer school at the University of Southern Denmark. All events have been fruitful learning opportunities, and I look forward to more."

This summer I will be teaching a 'Fundamentals of Marketing' course for the University of Massachusetts Oxford Summer Seminar program, I am attending a Digital Humanities summer school, and I am preparing to present a paper at a seminar on 'The Language of Money in Picture Books', hosted by the British Association for Applied Linguistics and Cambridge University Press.

I continued to act as the GCR's webmaster, after launching the new website in September 2015. It is my intention to continue working on it when time permits. I also moved into College at the end of April, and it's been a pleasure to live on College grounds. My view of the Observatory is amazing.

Finally, this year has also been marked by some personal difficulties due to a serious family illness. The College and the department have been extremely supportive and understanding, and I have every confidence that future developments will be met with the same efficiency and delicacy. These are the moments in which one is grateful to be at such an attentive College.