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A legacy to Green Templeton is a far-sighted way of supporting the College and its members in future years. Including a legacy in your Will is a simple matter and this section will provide you with the relevant information about leaving a lasting gift to the College.

A gift in your Will may provide you with the most effective way to make a more substantial donation to Green Templeton than your current circumstances might otherwise allow. Legacies are also exempt from UK inheritance tax. You can make a bequest by creating a new Will or by adding a codicil to your current Will.

For all types of legacy you should take professional legal advice. A solicitor (attorney) will ensure that you receive the help you need to maximise the amount your beneficiaries will receive. You will also be asked for the correct wording for any bequest to Green Templeton. Our preferred wording is as follows: “I give to The Principal, Fellows and Students of Green Templeton College in the University of Oxford, …………. for the general purposes of the College and declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other duly authorised officer of the said College shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.”

Green Templeton’s main goal is to strengthen its endowment, which gives the College long-term financial security. Gifts for our general purposes are therefore especially appreciated, as they will allow the College to respond more flexibly to changing educational needs in the years to come.

If you are considering including a gift to green Templeton College in your Will, especially a specific bequest, the Acting Development Manager would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss the details with you. This will ensure that:
• the College fully understands your wishes
• any specific bequest you propose can be put to good use by the College in the future
• plans can be made about how your gift can be honoured.

There are several ways in which you can make a gift to Green Templeton College in your Will:

Residuary Legacy
This provides all or part of the net residue of your estate to the College after other responsibilities have been honoured and any debts, fees and other liabilities have been met. It is usually expressed as a percentage of estate and is unaffected by inflation.

Deed of Variation (UK only)
If you wish to consider transferring the whole, or part, of your inheritance to Green Templeton, this can be done using a Deed of Variation. This will enable you to support the College in your own lifetime and the amounts thus transferred are free of Inheritance Tax.

Percentage Legacy
This sets aside a specific proportion of your estate for Green Templeton College.

Specific Legacy
You can leave gifts in the form of shares or items of property (land, works of art, antiques, jewellery etc.) This type of gift is exempt from Capital Gains tax as well as from estate taxes.

Pecuniary Legacy
You should make a Pecuniary Legacy if you wish to give a set amount to the College. A simple method of making your gift, the disadvantage is that its value may, over time, decrease owing to inflation.

Reversionary Legacy
This involves leaving your assets on Trust to beneficiaries during their life, with the whole or a portion reverting to Green Templeton on their death.

Planned Giving (US only)
The University of Oxford and many of the Colleges have formed a Consortium, Oxford Planned Giving, to provide our US donors with a variety of gifting options which allow you to make a lasting contribution while taking advantage of favourable US Federal and State tax laws. There are a variety of ways to make gifts to Green Templeton and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how your gift can provide you or someone of your choosing with income, earn an income tax deduction, and bypass capital gains. The University of Oxford’s North American Office can work closely and confidentially with you and your attorney to create a distinctive gift that blends your vision with Green Templeton's objectives. For further information please visit or contact David Stiles, Director of Planned Giving, University of Oxford North American Office.

If you are considering leaving a gift to Green Templeton College in your Will, our Development Office will be pleased to talk to you about your wishes and intentions. We are unable to offer legal or financial advice, but we are happy to answer your questions about legacies in general. Alumni in the USA can contact David Stiles for up-to-date relevant planned giving information.

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