Dr. Burcu Ozdemir Ocakli

Dr. Burcu Ozdemir OcakliMatriculated 2008. MSc Comparative Social Policy, 2009 and DPhil Sociology, 2017

As a researcher at Ankara University, Dr. Ozdemir Ocakli is currently managing a research project titled “The Effects of COVID-19 on Intergenerational Solidarity between Older Parents and Adult Children in Turkey”. The research project investigates how pandemic related lockdown and restrictions have affected the social, financial and care relationships between generations. The project is funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).  Dr. Ozdemir Ocakli is also working on a book chapter titled “Working with Older People during COVID-19 Pandemic”. The book chapter points out the psychological, social and physical challenges faced by older people during COVID-19 pandemic and seeks to provide guidance to social work practitioners who are working with older people and with their families.