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Since mid-late June we have been set up at the Moradabad- Rampur border, two densely populous districts in India, helping migrant workers reach home. We’ve funded 297,000 km in journey, helped 659 migrants, raised over 8,00,000 INR and recorded 100+ migrant stories. I think they deserve to be heard and shared. We’ve video interviews against each of the stories. A picture from the front-line and a snippet from the writeup:



Amid Husain
Meerut to Lucknow.
437 kms on Rickshaw. 4 days.
Amid did not know how his life was going to change on the 10th of May. He was living in a small unregularized colony in Meerut, and the route to his house went through a congested road, wide enough for just one person to cross with a wall on one side and a steep fall off the path on the other. Accompanied by his wife Anura, and two children Amiran and Aminul, it seemed like an ordinary day, but for the stormy weather. While walking home that day, a portion of the wall to his left suddenly collapsed. His wife was struck and died on the spot. He was left with two children aged 3 and 4, and a brother who was handicapped, missing legs and an arm.
Fearing the days to follow bundled with the plight of unemployment, he reached out to his father who refused to help, himself under a steep debt. Still mourning, Amid left with his children for his sister’s house in Lucknow on his motorized rickshaw. His brother Sadamal’s handicap cycle was attached to his buggy, his limbless body precariously perched on the rickshaw. Amid received our aid with tears in his eyes and remains hopeful about bringing a positive female figure into his daughter’s life.

You can read more about the efforts as they were covered in the Indian Press.