How To Keep In Touch

Green Templeton’s alumni are part of an international community that extends far beyond Oxford and into every corner of the world. We want to encourage alumni to keep in touch, not only with us, but with each other, maintaining links and creating network opportunities around the world.

We always looks forward to seeing our alumni and hearing their latest news, so please make sure we have your up-to-date contact details.

Please keep in touch at and let us know if your contact details change.

You can also follow the college on social media for the latest updates

Facebook: @GreenTempletonCollege
Twitter: @GreenTempleton
LinkedIn: @Green-Templeton-College
Instagram: @GreenTempleton

We regularly post news and events updates on social media, and always value your feedback and input on these. Remember the Green Templeton College community is here for you, make sure you use it!