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Green Templeton College | Oxford

This page collects together links to important resources which students may need or wish to consult during their time at Green Templeton College.

College Policy documents

GTC handbook 2014 front cover

This page includes the College Regulations, the formal rules of the College approved by the Governing Body. These include Student Disciplinary and Fitness to Study procedures.

Also on this page is the current edition of the College Handbook, which is a brief guide to Green Templeton and its facilities, and also includes the informal rules which the College expects members to abide by. The College's Student Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy and Student Concerns and Complaints Procedure are attached as appendices to this document.

By signing the Student-College Contract at the beginning of your programme, you agree to abide by the rules and procedures contained in both the Regulations and the Handbook.


Rough Guide 2014 front coverGCR Rough Guide

The Rough Guide, produced every year by the Graduate Common Room (GCR) Committee, provides a student's-eye view of Green Templeton and Oxford in general. As well as standard information about College facilities and contacts, it also contains valuable resources on welfare, college life and living in Oxford, including specific sections for students with disabilities, LGBTQ students, international students and student parents.


GTC Student welfare

A copy of the Student Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy and information about the Harassment Advisory Panel can be found here.


Proctors Mem 2014 front coverUniversity Student Handbook (incorporating the Proctors' and Assessor's Memorandum)

Students will have received a copy of this slim, dark-blue book at the start of their programme. It contains information about the University side of student welfare, recreation, academic support, and conduct and discipline.

Students should note that if they feel they have an academic case which should be considered by the Proctors, they should contact Alison Franklin, Student Administrator and must not contact the Proctors directly.


Exam Regs 2014 front coverExamination Regulations

GTC no longer circulates printed copies of these Regulations (also known as the Grey Book) to all new students, but makes copies available in the Library, the Lodge, and the offices of the Student Administrator, Academic Registrar and Senior Tutor. While the print copy, plus any changes published through the year in the University Gazette, remains the authoritative version in case of any dispute, the online version should be sufficient for most reference purposes. If you think there is a discrepancy between versions which affects your course, please consult your departmental course administrator in the first instance and Alison Franklin, Student Administrator, if the problem cannot be resolved.

The 'Exam Regs' contain very detailed information about all the programmes of study offered by the University. Students looking for generic information about exams (what to take, general exam conduct, etc) should refer to the Examinations guidance on the University's Student Gateway.