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Green Templeton College | Oxford

GTC offers students a wide range of facilities and support services.

Access to facilities

College members are issued with an electronic keyfob which enables access to the main College site and most of the facilities there, as well as (for residents only) accommodation blocks. Residents will also be issued with room, flat or house keys as appropriate.

College members are reminded that they are jointly responsible for the security of the College sites and facilities, and the loss or theft of keys or fobs should be reported to the Lodge immediately. College members are not permitted to lend their keys or fobs to others, whether College members or not. Fobs are individually coded and, in the event of any theft or damage, door entry data will be reviewed by College authorities. (See the College's Data Protection Policy here). Keys and fobs may be left at the Lodge for safekeeping while away from Oxford, if wished.

All keys and fobs must be returned at the completion of a student's programme of study or the end of other members' relationships with the College. Alumni will not normally be issued with fobs.

Smoking on College premises

On 1 September 2015, Green Templeton College joined a number of other Oxford colleges to become completely 'smoke free'.

The College introduced a 'smoke free zone' across its main campus in Woodstock Road, and all residential and office accommodation annexes. This includes houses in St Margaret's Road and Observatory Street, Rewley Abbey Court, and GTC's conference centre at 13 Norham Gardens.

Anyone wishing to smoke is asked to respect the smoke free zone and do so off College premises: because GTC aims to be completely smoke free, no specific area on-site has been designated where smokers can have a cigarette.

The zone was introduced after extensive consultation with students and staff.

The link between smoking and long-term damage to health is not in dispute. The College has a duty to safeguard to health, safety and welfare of students, staff and fellows on its premises and minimise the exposure to the risks of tobacco smoking.

In addition, GTC's academic focus on clinical medicine and health and wellbeing supports the introduction of a smoke free zone.

  Download an FAQ document about the smoke free zone at GTC

Bicycle parking

Parking for bicycles on the main College site is provided opposite the Lodge (main Woodstock Road entrance) and next to the gym (Observatory Street entrance).

Bicycles must not be brought through the College site. They must not be parked in the quads, gardens, tennis courts, car park, or brought inside buildings (including accommodation). Care should be taken not to obstruct paths and passageways, and bicycles should not be locked to gates or railings. Any bicycles found outside permitted areas or obstructing access may be removed by the Lodge without further notice.

Bicycle parking is also provided at all residential annexes. Please be considerate to others when using the communal parking areas.


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