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Green Templeton College | Oxford

The Graduate Common Room (or GCR) lies at the heart of College student activities, and all Green Templeton students, irrespective of their status or place of residence, are automatically members of the GCR. Its activities are based around the bar and games room in the Stables Building in the centre of the College.

Visit the GCR website.

GCR Committee

GCR clubs and social and sporting activities are organised by the GCR Committee, and are funded generously compared to many colleges. The Committee also represents the students to the College and plays an active role in its governance. For example, GCR office-holders attend the College's Governing Body and serve on its committees.

Elections for the GCR Committee are held in mid-Michaelmas term each year. 

The GCR Committee 2017/18

President: Noon Altijani

Hello everyone! I’m Noon.

A second year GTCer, and a first year doctoral student in population health with an interest in health service research. My current research focuses on improving quality of maternal care services in Sudan.

As primarily a representative of the GCR members, I welcome and always open to questions, contributions, and/ or criticism. Thus, feel free to get in touch via email or in person with any ideas or issues you may have.

Vice President Welfare: Dunia Tonob

Hi all! I’m Dunia, and I’m currently studying for an MSc in Medical Anthropology. I’m really excited to serve as you VP of Welfare this year and work alongside the Welfare team to help ensure you have a great GTC experience.

I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the GCRC in continuing efforts to bring mindfulness activities to GTC as well as events like study breaks, movie nights, puppy stress relief, self defense classes, and more. My door is always open (and my phone is always on), so please never hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas or for any other reason!

Vice President Entertainment: Tonny Brian Muthee

Hello! I am Tonny Muthee. First year DPhil student in Primary Health care. I am thrilled to be serving you as VP Entertainment. Looking forward to keeping you thoroughly entertained and socially busy all through the year.

If you have any ideas about this or if you just want to chat, drop me a line at anytime. I am said to be quite nice and social!

Secretary: Nina Khamsy

Hello! I’m Nina. I’m in my first year of MPhil in Social Anthropology and I’m excited to be the Secretary of this fabulous team. This year, my goal is to ensure the smooth functioning of GCRC’s work with effective and enjoyable meetings. I will also promote transparency between the GCRC and the Student body by providing updates on our open meetings and related information by means of photos or videos. Any event or activity you want the GCRC to discuss during the next meeting? Feel free to reach out to me if there is any item you want to add to the agenda!

Treasurer: Muriel Levy

Hi everyone ! I’m Muriel, a first year DPhil student in Health Economics and a second year GTCer. I’m excited to be this year’s treasurer and to work with the rest of the GCR committee to make this year awesome. I will ensure that the money flows, so that a wide range of events can be organised and that a maximum of students’ ideas become a reality. Your suggestions and questions are always welcome!

Publicity Officer: Alexandra Jager

Hi! My name is Alexandra and I am studying towards an MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation. I look forward to working closely with the rest of the committee to showcase all the cool things happening at GTC. In addition, I’d like to give GTC students the opportunity to promote events and share information you think is important through the newsletter.

I want to have an open ear throughout the year about what you think is working well (or isn’t!) in terms of publicity.

Diversity, Equality and LGBTQ+ Officer: Paige Fernandez

Hi pals! I’m Paige and I recently graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. I’m currently undertaking my Masters in Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government as a Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholar.

I am absolutely elated to begin working with GTC’s community as the LGBTQ+, Equality and Diversity Officer. My goal is to apply what I’ve learned from working on campuses and in larger scale policy and nonprofit organizations to foster a more inclusive and safe environment for everyone at GTC and to implement change in our community to ensure our time here is as fulfilling as possible.

Female Welfare Officer: Joanna Melville

Hi everyone! I’m Joanna and I’m your Female Welfare Officer, representing all students whose gender identity includes female. I’m currently studying an MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Intervention. My research interests involve intimate partner violence and sexual and reproductive health.

Whilst I have a lot of plans for my time in the role, I would also love to hear your ideas, and to help you realise the changes you want to see at GTC. Please feel free to drop me a line to find out what I’m currently working on or to discuss ideas – or come for a chat if you see me by the free coffee machine!

Male Welfare Officer: Patrick Edwards

Hi, I’m Patrick and I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing team! It is my first year in Oxford and I am studying for an MSc in global health science. As Male Welfare Officer and as part of the Welfare team and GCR as a whole, I hope we can continue the fun traditions that have made our college unique and special, such as friendly atmospheres at Sunday brunches. I’m also excited to work with students and the GCR to brainstorm exciting new traditions that promote a sense of community and GTC pride. I’m a friendly snake and don’t bite, so do get in touch if you have any great welfare activity ideas. Looking forward to working with everyone!

Internal Entertainment Officer: Krystal Moczygemba

Hi! I’m Krystal Moczygemba and am excited to be serving as this year’s Vice President of Internal Events. This year I am studying for an MSc Social Anthropology here, and next year will join Notre Dame Law School in Indiana. I hail from Texas and thoroughly enjoy life and people. I can also (probably) fulfill 87%+ of any ideas/stereotypes you have of a Texas girl.

This year, as Internal Events, my goal is to organize and effectively execute frequent events that range in activity, atmosphere, and interests so as to continue to develop and strengthen the close and uplifting community of GTC. I welcome any and all suggestions, requests, or volunteers and hope to see all y’all at events to come!

External Entertainment Officer: Mark Glaire

Sports & Societies Officer: Caitlyn McGeer

Hiya, Caitlyn here! I am doing a DPhil in Criminology, focusing on police responses to modern slavery. My research sites are in the UK and Nigeria. This is my second time round at GTC, having previously done an MSc here, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be back!

As the Sports and Societies Officer, I am looking forward to connecting with the the various sports/societies and being part of organizing some great events. If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see this year in terms of sports and societies, please let me know!

Charities & Development Officer: Aman Gupta

Hey! I am reading for an MPhil in International Development, so I’ll be around at the college for 2 years. My interest is in the power relationships between the ‘agents’ and ‘recipients’ of Development. So Charities and Development Officer is right up my street. I am also working as a Research Consultant for an Oxford based company which seeks to increase the impact of other company’s socially responsible work.

I’m hoping to creates systems where we donate our time and expertise (which we have) rather than only money (which we don't have) to charitable endeavours. I’m open to suggestions and will be floating a few ideas at upcoming GCRC meetings - currently the vein of thought is with the homeless in Oxford. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Webmaster / IT: Manon Barbier

Hello everyone! My name is Manon and I am going to be the webmaster for the year to come. I am currently doing an MSc in Computer Science, trying to focus on machine learning and digital medicine.

This year I hope to give the GCR website a bit of a boost and make it one of the first places you go to for information about GTC and its events. If you have any questions relating to IT or any propositions to make the website more attractive feel free to talk to me around GTC or shoot me a message!

Personal & Professional Development Officer: Isabel Woodford

Hi! I’m Isabel, your Professional and Personal development officer. I’m really happy to have been elected as I want to ensure you make the most of your time at GTC, and get the skills and confidence to go out into the world of work (and change it for the better, obviously!). I hope to put on events from leadership workshops to mindfulness training.

I’m a second year MPhil in International Development (so much development), and look forward to seeing GTC grow ever better!

Environmental Officer: Katharina Rogenhofer and Jared Retka

I’m Katharina (Kat/Kate) and I am absolutely delighted to get the chance to share the Environmental office post with Jared this year! I am currently studying an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management. For the next year, Jared and I got a lot of ideas to make GTC an environmentally sustainable place in tackling energy consumption, food waste and recycling. We also want to provide you with information on vegetable box schemes, coops etc and get involved in the construction of the new building. Do get in touch, if you have an idea or want to contribute!

Hi all! I’m Jared, and I am excited to join with Kate as the environmental reps for GTC this year. I am currently part of the MBA program having previously obtained a MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management here at Oxford. Kate and I look forward to working to make GTC as environmentally friendly as possible and we welcome any ideas from you on how to make that happen!

International Students Rep: Samadyata Sreenath

Hello, I’m Samudyata (Sam) and am studying towards an MSc in Social Anthropology. I am really looking forward to being your International Students’ Representative.

This year, I am hoping to be able to have a few more ‘internationally’ themed events like more potlucks or drinks to celebrate major cultural events or festivals, a multicultural Christmas celebration, and, perhaps, some informal cooking classes.

Most importantly, I am fully aware that the needs of the international student community go beyond just having events. I am extremely happy to listen to any suggestions that you may have on the various things that we could do to make this, already wonderfully accepting, community more welcoming.

Couples and Families Rep: Summer Qassim and Satoshi Araki

Hi! I'm Satoshi and I'm a second year DPhil student in sociology. As a mature student living with wife and two children, I am very proud of GTC, which boasts its extremely family-friendly environment. Thanks to its great atmosphere, not only myself but also my family has greatly enjoyed Oxford life. So now I'm excited to contribute to you all as a Couples and Families rep. With Summer and other friends, I'd love to accelerate our family-friendly events including a movie night, music recital, sports day, potluck, and information exchange . Also, I aim to establish “Family-Friendly College Award” as a university-wide (inter-college) competition to reward GTC’s value and to enhance its reputation and prestige! Please do contact us if you have any ideas!

Professional Students Rep: Nirvani Sookdeo and Wazhma Wesa

Hi fellow GTCers! I’m Nirvani and I’m excited to be one of your Professional Students Representatives, sharing the position with Wazhma. Currently, I am pursuing an MBA and my professional background is in Finance. I, along with Wazhma, are keen to ensure that the MBA students are integrated with the rest of the GTC community, particularly through social and academic events. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any ideas. Looking forward to working with the rest of the committee to make this year a great one!

Hello everyone! I’m Wazhma and I’m your Professional Students Representative this year along with Nirvani. I’m an MBA student and have a background in international development and business. I’m very much looking forward to contributing to academic and social events at GTC this year to make sure more MBA students come out and enjoy all the fun college activities. Please reach out to me or Nirvani anytime with ideas or requests or just to say hello!

Continuity Officer: Pip Bianchi

Hi all! My name is Filippo but I go by Pip! I am a second year PhD (ops DPhil) student working in Public Health. I will work as this year’s continuity officer on the GCRC. This is a new role created to ensure that the current GCR committee can benefit as much as possible from the lessons learned by the previous committee.

Last year I served as the GCR Male Welfare Officer and later as the Vice President for Welfare. I also helped organising the Human Welfare Conference and the Summer Ball!

I am really excited to work with this new amazing committee and to help ensure GTC remains the best College in Oxford!

College Mascot (Non-committee): Austin Powell

Hey y’all! My name is Austin, and I’m am doing the MSc in Criminology. I am lucky enough to serve as the GTC Mascot. Honestly, I just want to love, support and help the GTC community in anyway I can. I am excited about having a role in creating the inclusive family atmosphere that everyone loves already at different events. I hope that as mascot, I can rally the troops and add a little pizzazz to the GTC snake’s personality. Go Snakes! [cue music ‘Crazy Train’ by Ozzy Osbourne and the crowd wildly chants G-T-C]