Easter vacation

*Updated 9 March 2021*

UK government guidance has been updated to include a new exemption for student travel during the vacation.

Under the new advice, students are permitted to leave their university accommodation for their home address and then return to university – but only once.

Whether or not to travel in the UK is a decision for students to take based on their individual circumstances, in line with government guidance.

The guidance does also allow international students to travel home and return once over Easter. However, the government continues to advise against travel to countries outside the UK, and given the complexities involved, international students are advised not to travel home for the vacation.

Testing before leaving Oxford

If you do decide to leave Oxford, you must follow safer travel guidance and you are strongly advised to get tested for COVID-19. A Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test can be collected from the Lodge and should be taken just before leaving Oxford – either on the day before or day of departure.

It is very important that you record your result via the University Testing Service – whether it is negative or positive.

If the result is positive, you must also book a confirmatory PCR test via the University Testing Service and self-isolate until you receive a negative result. If the PCR result is positive, you must self-isolate in Oxford for ten days.

Testing before returning and on return to Oxford

Where possible, you should also get tested before you travel back to university after your Easter break – through community testing facilities near your home address.

You will also need to take two LFD tests when you return to Oxford – once on the day you arrive, and once three days later. You should not start in-person teaching until you have received a second negative test and recorded the result.