Arts for Health meeting

Thursday 12 December 2019   17:00 to 19:30

For more information about work in this area, please contact Yoland Johnson.

The next Arts for Health meeting will built upon the growing interest in the benefits that various types of arts can bring to people. In the NHS there has been a serious commitment, both psychological and financial, to social prescribing, with the launch of the new Institute for Social Prescribing and an Academy of Social Prescribing, designed to give leadership to the field. Link workers are being funded to operate with Primary Care Networks at the new population level of the NHS; a significant infrastructure development.

National bodies responsible for arts are showing an interest, for which Green Templeton College has the potential to provide focus. The meeting will reflect on the NHS developments, hear from participants about work they have done since our last meeting, and discuss the development of a national programme for arts and health based in Oxford.

If you wish to attend, please inform Muir Gray or Yoland Johnson.

EP Abraham Lecture Theatre
Green Templeton College
43 Woodstock Road

For more information please contact

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