BBC Radio 4 Autism programme features PhD student Eloise Stark


DPhil student Eloise Stark

Green Templeton student Eloise Stark (DPhil Psychiatry) was interviewed in the recent BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘Broad Spectrum’ about the experiences of autistic women.

Autism is a lifelong condition that impacts those with the condition in a range of ways. Autistic people may find communication and interactions with other people, and unfamiliar situations and social events difficult. It is often seen as a particularly ‘male’ condition, but later diagnosis of autism is growing, particularly in women, and those assigned female at birth.

The programme explores why for many years psychologists believed that autism was rarely seen in women and non-binary people but are now developing an understanding that people can display autistic traits in varied different ways, and some may learn to ‘camouflage’ and behave in a neurotypical way.

Eloise spoke of her own particular experiences of being diagnosed with autism, and her experiences of autism as a woman. Eloise is currently studying the neuroscience underlying how we perceive faces, and is herself interested in the many facets of autism, specifically autistic cognition, autism in women, and autism and mental health.

Listen to the programme online.

Created: 9 September 2020