Nautilus Awards 2020 winners announced

2020 Nautilus Logo2The winners of the Green Templeton College Nautilus Awards for College Citizenship 2020 have now been announced.

The Nautilus Awards recognise Green Templeton students who have gone beyond the call of duty to make an outstanding contribution to improving the college environment.

They are awarded across three categories: academic, citizenship and sports.

About the awards

There are three categories of award:

Nautilus College Citizenship Award

Bestowed to individuals who have outstandingly contributed to improve the environment at Green Templeton College. Examples include (but are not limited to) organising events and providing outstanding support.

Nautilus Academic Award

Bestowed to individuals who have outstandingly contributed to improve the academic environment at Green Templeton College. Examples include (but are not limited to) organising academic events, providing support to the community, leading academic activities.

Nautilus Sports Award

Bestowed to individuals who have outstandingly contributed to improve the sportive environment at Green Templeton College. Examples include (but are not limited to) leading sports teams and contributing to the sports atmosphere.

Nomination criteria

The primary criteria for the Nautilus Awards for College Citizenship is that the individual has gone beyond the call of duty and commitment in their contribution to the various aspects of Green Templeton College. Simply holding particular positions or achieving awards outside Green Templeton College are not reasons alone why the individual shall be awarded a Nautilus.

Nautilus Awards winners 2020

Academic awards

Josephine Agyeman-Duah

In recognition of Josephine’s many contributions to the Green Templeton community; through the African Choir, the All-Innovate Competition, as a College Buddy, the Cheney School Mentoring Scheme, the Human Welfare Conference, and her initiative to improve a national child health intervention.

Joint winners: Environmental Officers Anja Bitterwolf and Raffaele Ippolito

Anja Bitterwolf: In recognition of Anja’s invaluable contribution to addressing environmental issues in college and beyond. In this context, Anja has been a firm advocate for students’ ideas and concerns of sustainability at Green Templeton.

Raffaele Ippolito: In recognition of Raffaele’s work as Environmental Officer, as his passion for environmental sustainability within our Green Templeton College community has been clearly displayed throughout the academic year.

Helene-Mari van der Westhuizen

In recognition of Helene-Mari’s work for the Global Health and Care Systems Student Society and Global Health Policy Programme, and support in furthering the work of the Academic Projects Office.

Citizenship awards

Davide Bilardi

In recognition of Davide’s invaluable work as GCR Secretary in 2018-2019, and also as External Entertainment Officer in 2019-20.  He has contributed to the Green Templeton spirit by integrating students into our community and supporting them by facilitating meetings between each other.

Penny Cornwall

In recognition of Penny’s role heading the Student Welfare Team, as her tireless efforts have gone above and beyond. The support she has given to students since taking up this role has been exceptional and especially since the start of the COVID crisis. Penny is known around the college by staff and students alike for her friendly, welcoming and kind behaviour.

Jordan Gorenberg

In recognition of his positive impact on the Green Templeton community: membership of the Green Templeton Big Band and Quartet, as Sports and Societies Co-officer, as both a Graduate Assistant and Induction Assistant, and his equally important behind the scenes work.

James Gunnell

In recognition of James’ invaluable contribution to the GTC-Cheney Mentoring Scheme, raising awareness among students to help during the lockdown, and work as GTC Charities Representative.

Joint winners: Families and Couples Reps Rachel Noah Hefetz and Rebecca Peters

Rachel Noah Hefetz: In recognition of Rachel’s efforts as motivator, ambassador of our values, and in making it a focus to support other Green Templeton Families, organising and hosting very popular events including a highly successful Green Templeton pantomime. Rachel has been instrumental in ensuring that the needs of our families have been met.

Rebecca Peters: In recognition of Rebecca’s positive impact on our community as a GCR Couples/Families Group Representative, and providing a link between the outgoing and incoming representatives, and liaising with the Equality and Diversity Committee, and expanding access for partners of Green Templeton students.
Green Templeton would also like to thank Mishern Kamlesh Chetty, the third Families and Couples Rep, who has contributed greatly as a partner of a student.

Joint winners: Junior Deans Kirsty Harper and Javian Malcolm

Kirsty Harper: In recognition of her invaluable work as a Junior Dean. Kirsty has been selflessly supporting students informally, outside of her shift hours, as well as improving welfare support within the College, working hard throughout lockdown, and contributing to the handover with the incoming Junior Deans.

Javian Malcolm: In recognition of Javian’s positive impact on our community: in his capacity as Junior Dean Javian provided an exceptional level of support to students particularly during the COVID crisis, and contributed greatly to the smooth handover of Junior Deans. 

Magdalena Plesa

In recognition of Maggie’s work as GCR President, but also her positive impact on our community over a number of years; co-hosting the GTC College Ball which was the most well attended and successful in college history, as co-captain of the women’s boat club which won blades for both torpids and summer eights, and for creating new initiatives such as the LGBTQ+ rep position, mindfulness sessions, and getting puffa jackets for the first time!

Mark Pollack

In recognition of his hard work as VP Events. Even during lockdown Mark ensured that there were events for students, as well as organising the highly successful Burns Night, and the most popular BOP the College has ever held!

Sports awards

Bessie O’Dell

In recognition of Bessie’s invaluable contribution to sporting events and other promotional events in College, as well as our first Giving Day; organising the fundraising 36-hour erg rowing marathon.

All Green Templeton College students and Fellows were eligible to nominate Green Templeton students for a Nautilus Awards. Students could also nominate themselves with a supporting statement from another student or Fellow. Read more about the Nautilus Awards.

Created: 22 July 2020