Adapting to the new government guidance on ‘lockdown’ restrictions

As of 11 June 2020, the latest government plans for easing out of ‘lockdown’ include new guidance on social distancing. These changes mean that individuals are now allowed to engage with small numbers of other people in a very restricted way. Find further details on the government page.

We have to interpret these guidelines for household groups living in college residences. This is less straightforward than for families and other groups who all share a house or apartment. For students living in college accommodation a ‘household’ is defined as any group who share some facilities: a kitchen, a bathroom and/or a common room.

To manage everyone’s health and safety in college carefully we have to interpret these new regulations to fit with our particular residences and public areas. Doing so requires the introduction of a detailed set of risk assessments which cannot be drawn up immediately to coincide with changes to the government regulations: the details often come sometime later than the public announcements.

As of 11 June, we ask that our resident students continue to comply with our current policy of no social gatherings and no guests whilst we work through these changes carefully and with all members of our community, including other students, our cleaners and estates staff, some of whom are vulnerable, in mind. We know you are struggling to maintain the current lockdown and are keen to re-engage socially with others. We absolutely understand and support this, but we have to be sure we are responding to the changes safely.

It is expected that we will communicate our changed policy by 19 June.

Individually, you may wish to meet with friends, in line with government guidelines, outside of college premises. Of course you are free to do this. Also, as of next week, some shops will re-open and people will begin to circulate more widely in public. We ask that all members of our community continue to follow the very clear guidelines on social distancing at all times and to manage infection-control risk individually.

This includes:

  • Keeping a 2m distance at all times from anyone who is not a member of your household.
  • Wearing a face-covering on public transport.
  • Washing your hands regularly, for 20 seconds.

The government also states that you must not:

  • gather outdoors in groups of more than six people with people you do not live with or, from 13 June, people that are not in your support bubble.
  • visit friends or family inside their home or any other indoor place, except for the limited set of circumstances set out in law or if they are in your support bubble.
  • stay away from your home or your support bubble household overnight – including holidays – except for in a limited set of circumstances, such as for work purposes.

We do not have the capacity or any wish to police this policy. We rely on you to apply it with good sense. We are hoping to be able to depend on the responsible community values of Green Templeton and maintain this policy voluntarily. Please remember that current national restrictions are having a very severe impact on many of us. Please be considerate and public spirited at this difficult time.

Created: 11 June 2020