Robert Glaze on Leadership 4.0 in Risk Management Today

Robert Glaze

Green Templeton College Visiting Associate Fellow Robert Glaze has warned leaders will have to adapt their style, knowledge and behaviour to be successful in the Fourth Technological and Industrial Revolution.

In a new article published in the latest issue of Risk Management Today, a publication of global legal and risk solutions provider Lexis Nexis, Robert writes about the challenges he believes leaders will face in the coming years, as industries, sectors and markets continue to innovate and evolve.

Robert Glaze“Leadership, as we have known it, will be making a transition in both its core nature and the behaviours that have been associated with being a leader,” he writes.

“For the past 100 years, business leadership has been about people management. Leadership 4.0 will be about leading ‘intelligence’ whether it is in humans or machines.”

In the detailed article, titled ‘Leadership 4.0: the new leadership for the digital convergence’, Robert explains how the world is currently in a transition decade in which the traditional leadership role is rapidly changing, leading to his Leadership 4.0 framework for the new human and digital interface.

He discusses the impact digitalisation will have on business models and the definition of leadership, and how humans and machines will need to work together, as intelligent machines increasingly replace roles currently filled by skilled employees and managers.

Robert also details the characteristics the Leader 4.0 will need to possess in order to succeed, suggesting it could be referred to as “the rise of the introvert” as the new style of leadership may favour the “more reflective and highly focused individual.”

The full article appears in Risk Management Today, 2018. Vol 28, No 9.

Robert is a Visiting Associate Fellow and Praxis Scholar at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford; President of The Brenva Institute; Executive Faculty Member, Zurich Institute for Business Education (CEIBS); Senior Fellow, European Risk Policy Institute; and Governing Board Member, Africa Center for Economic Research and Policy Analysis.

Created: 19 December 2018