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Green Templeton College | Oxford

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A casual conversation about data in the Barclay Room at College sparked a partnership that led two Green Templeton College-affiliated scholars to collaborate on a global study that underpins, amongst others, a new report for the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and a string of academic papers.

Dr Coral Millburn-Curtis, a GTC Associate Fellow, was leading a seminar on quantitative research methods during the 2015 Hilary term, when Dr François Nel, then a Visiting Fellow at the Reuters Institute for Study of Journalism, got to hear about it. François asked if he could sit in, hoping that he could pick up some tips for a forthcoming analysis. Inspired by his enthusiasm for journalism research, Coral eagerly became involved in a range of research projects.

Coral and François formalised their collaboration last year by establishing the Innovation Research Group and, to date, their activities include the global study into the decision-making of news media executives conducted in 11 languages and across more than 140 countries; academic papers for conferences in Russia, Norway, Belgium and the UK; an address to industry executives at WAN-IFRA’s 14th International Newsroom Summit in London; and an invitation to present at the Digital Media Europe conference to be held in Denmark in the Spring 2017.

Coral explains, “Our latest is proving to be a fascinating study. Over the course of the past year we have explored various strands of research on the subject of innovation and culture in the media, and have highlighted some ground-breaking relationships between investment priorities, leadership and management approaches to innovation (including social media) and the profitability of media organisations. Our relationship with WAN-IFRA is a powerful one since it enables us to disseminate these findings to a global media audience who can benefit practically from the research.”

WAN-IFRA Chief Executive Vincent Peyregne said, “Our partnership with the Innovation Research Group is an exciting example of a fruitful collaboration between an academic research team and corporate business. Fostering knowledge transfer between the two environments is a high priority at WAN-IFRA. The newspaper industry benefits from more opportunities to develop open collaboration with the huge research and smart analytic capacity available in the academic world.”

Principal Denise Lievesley supports this view, "Green Templeton College provides an excellent meeting place to connect people who have different disciplinary backgrounds, but common interests. I am so pleased to learn about the collaboration between Coral, whose commitment to evaluating evidence and analysis data is exemplary, and François whose passion is communication. In these days of ‘post truth’ and ‘alternative facts’ we certainly need to foster great relationships between statisticians and journalists in order that we can be assured that we can trust what we read."

“My time as a Visiting Fellow at the Reuters Institute was incredibly rewarding on many levels,” said François, who is the founding director of the Journalism Leaders Programme at the University of Central Lancashire. “And I’m hugely grateful for the space GTC provided me to connect informally with a wide variety of really innovative thinkers - like Coral - who share my passion for research that impacts.”