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Care Initiative

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The Green Templeton College Care Initiative is oriented to exploring issues associated with care of older people. The Initiative is intended to bring together people from different disciplinary and professional backgrounds to engage in informed debate - and research - around the complex issues involved in caring for and with older people. Its general field of interest lies in explicating the policy dimensions of care for older people and developing understanding of the linkages between social care and health care.

The aims of the Initiative are rooted in Green Templeton College’s engagement with and commitment to human welfare as a foundational College interest and common concern. Membership of the Initiative reflects the disciplinary orientations of College, drawing together especially scholars and students from the medical sciences, the social sciences and the business and management divisions at Oxford. The Initiative’s events are designed to appeal to people in the public service and NGO sectors in Oxford (as well as academics from other units in Oxford) and the Initiative has been very successful in assembling a wide community of interest.

Activities centre around exploration of the wide ranging issues associated with the challenge of caring in an increasingly ageing society. The Initiative’s signature approach is to view these issues from a multi-faceted perspective, considering philosophical, institutional, resource and policy/service dimensions. The topics that the Initiative has identified as key include: investments in and costs of social care; innovations in social and health care (with particular reference to online and digital, technological innovations); reimagining and remodelling care; philosophies of care and caring; and the degree to which physical, social and personal environments enable people to live out their lives in the place or places which they consider home.

In its first year, the initiative held seven meetings. It was launched on Monday 27 October 2014 with a lecture by Sir Andrew Dilnot, Chair of the Commission on Funding of Care and Support. The following sub-themes were discussed in subsequent ‘care conversations’ over the course of the year 2014/15: care and new technological developments; person-centred well-being and the changing model of service provision; the role of social infrastructure in creating a care-friendly environment; the impact of design of the physical environment for care provision; the current state of investment in social care markets.

A new round of ‘Care Conversations’ took place in 2015/2016 with six events (as detailed below).

A ‘state of the art’ interdisciplinary review of the literature on social care for older people in the UK was also undertaken, resulting in the report by Dr.Sue Westwood entitled Social Care and Older People in Home and Community Contexts: A Review of Existing Research and Evidence. Professor Mary Daly and Dr Westwood have written an academic paper (submitted for journal publication) based on findings from the review.

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