Shut-Up and Write

The most fun you’ll have doing research!

  • Do you have a piece of writing you need to get done?
  • Do you ever struggle to stay motivated and focused?
  • Would you like to add a little structure and community to your writing week?

Like it says on the tin, once a week, Green Templeton Associate Fellow Professor Nancy Puccinelli holds an online writing session for students and fellows. Nancy meets up with group each week on Teams. Each participant then indicates what they are hoping to get done in the two-hour session.(i) They find it is a great way to stay accountable between longer-term deadlines.(ii)

You can join as many or as few sessions as you like, from wherever you like (your home, your department, the Stables Bar…), on your own or with others – so long as you promise not to distract one another!

Nancy has been running these sessions at Green Templeton for five years and participants regularly report that they help them to get into a flow state, break out of writer’s block, and meet their goals.

Find out more and sign up to receive the Teams invitations

(i) If thinking about what you might do first instils anxiety, do not panic, Nancy knows this feeling well and is used to hearing it from students. She will be happy to help you break your project down and identify a place to start (thank goodness for Breakout Rooms on Teams).

(ii) If you find you get discouraged because you never quite get as much as you plan done, not to worry, Nancy has lots of experience with that as well. She has several strategies that have been informed by students who have joined in the past, that she will happily share with you.