Code of Practice

In compliance with the Housing Act 2004, all higher education institutions can sign up to one of three codes of practice:

The Student Accommodation Code

The Accreditation Network UK (ANUK) Code of Practice for Student Accommodation Managed by Higher Education Establishments (HEEs)

The Accreditation Network UK (ANUK) Code of Practice for Student Accommodation Managed by Undertakings Subject to HMO Licensing (for private landlords providing student accommodation)

Green Templeton supports and complies with the terms of The Student Accommodation Code (‘The Code’), which has established a series of required standards for the provision of good quality student accommodation.

The Student Accommodation Code is committed to improving standards in student accommodation across the country, and since its creation has already succeeded in raising national standards for student housing.

Universities which have joined up to The Code have done so because they want to make their accommodation services as good as possible for residents.

We welcome feedback and issues being raised, in order that we can fix problems and continue to raise the standards of the services that we offer to our members. However, in the event that an issue cannot be resolved by the accommodation staff, students can raise the issue formally by using the college’s internal complaints procedure.

The Code has been designed to protect your rights to safe, good quality university accommodation, wherever you are studying; and to ensure you get the best out of your time living in university or college residences. It outlines everything you should expect from your university-managed accommodation, as well as your responsibilities as tenants.

The Code protects the rights of the college’s residential members to:

  • A healthy, safe environment in which to live and study
  • Timely repairs and maintenance to your accommodation
  • A clean, pleasant living environment
  • A formal, contractual relationship with your landlord, with opportunities for feedback and complaint
  •  Access to health and wellbeing services during your period of residence
  •  A living environment free from anti-social behaviour.

The Code outlines everything that students can expect from their accommodation and accommodation suppliers, as well as their own responsibilities as tenants.

All of Green Templeton College’s own accommodation buildings are signed up to The Code, which was introduced in 2006.