Green Templeton College aims to provide a helpful, welcoming and friendly environment for our members.

When accommodation problems occur, it is usually a straightforward process for residents to report an issue to the college and seek prompt rectification in a timely manner.

Nonetheless, as part of our commitment to the Accommodation Code of Practice (clause 1.3), we are required to provide a formal process of complaint for any matters relating to the provision and maintenance of student accommodation, in the event that our conventional internal processes for redress have not proved satisfactory.

To this end, students wishing to lodge a formal complaint with regards to either the provision or service of college accommodation are asked to write to the Operations Manager outlining in detail:

  • The reason(s) for their complaint
  • The chronology (where possible) of any previous efforts made towards redress with a department (or departments) within the college
  • Any previous email or written correspondence with college staff-members, relating to the matter of complaint
  • The names and contact details of any witnesses or others individuals whose accounts serve to substantiate the complaint
  • Any pertinent information supporting the complaint.

A formal complaint will be investigated by the Operations Manager and by such parties as are consulted as part of an investigation of the matter.

Such complaints are treated in strict confidence.

Upon completion of an investigation, the Operations Manager will notify the complainant of their findings, and any actions to be taken in response.

In instances where a complaint relates to the behaviour or welfare of specific individuals in residence, complaints may also be directed in confidence to the Dean. Such complaints may include (but are not restricted to):

  • Anti-social behaviour by a resident or residents (such as undue noise, mess, or conduct)
  • Breaches of health and safety rules for residents and/or college members
  • The use of prohibited items (such as candles) by a resident or residents
  • Damage or vandalism towards safety equipment (such as fire safety equipment).