The Graduate Common Room (GCR)

The Graduate Common Room (known as the GCR) lies at the heart of college student activities, and all Green Templeton students, irrespective of their status or place of residence, are automatically members. If you have any suggestions, complaints, or concerns, please submit them through this form.

GCR Executive Committee for 2023-2024

President: Alexander Hasson (DPhil Oncology, 2022)

Alex Hasson sitting in Observatory Common room smiling at camera


Vice-President (Equality and Diversity): Kenzie Isaac (MSc Modelling for Global Health, 2022)



Vice-President (Entertainment): Jordan Gorenberg (DPhil Anthropology, 2020)



Vice President (Welfare): Kapil Narain ( MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine, 2023)



Secretary: Oluseye Olutimayin (Master of Public Policy, 2023)


Black Students Representative: Nicole Mfoafo-M’Carthy (DPhil Translational Health Sciences, 2022) and Rejoice Hassan (Master of Public Policy, 2023)

Rejoice Hassan sitting in the observatory common room looking at the camera
Rejoice pictured

Contact: and

Charities and Development Officer: Zeinab Bazzi (MPhil Socio-Legal Research, 2023)

External Entertainment Officer: Emelie Lindelöw (MSc Social Science of the Internet, 2023)

Female Welfare Officer: Joana Geisler (MSc Comparative Social Policy, 2023) and Marlene Merchert (MPhil Development Studies, 2023)

Joana sitting in observatory common room smiling broadly at cameraMarlene

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Internal Entertainment Officer: Aaishah Patel (MSc Sociology, 2023)



International Students Representative: Rasika Bombatkar (MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine, 2023)

Rasika Bombatkar sitting in the observatory common room smiling at the camera


LGBTQIA+ Representative: Sara Tanovic (DPhil Computational Discovery, 2023) and Nicholas Thomas-Lewis (MSc Medical Anthropology, 2023)

Sara Tanovic sitting in observatory common room smiling at the camera

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Medical Students Representative: Daniela Krouzkova (Clinical Medicine, 2022)

Danielasat in the common room wearing green top smiling Hello, I am Daniela, a medical student at GTC and the Graduate Common Room Medical Students’ Representative.

My role involves working with the Medical Teaching Subcommittee to help plan and develop the GTC medical teaching programme, organising a range of events for the student community as well as representing the interests of medics.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or feedback!


Environmental Officer: Sarah Levy (DPhil Socio-Legal Studies, 2020) and Kelsey Monteith ( MSc Nature, Society and Environmental Governance, 2020)

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Sarah Levy in front of Radcliffe camera holding a seal teddy