Graduate Common Room (GCR)

The Graduate Common Room (or GCR) lies at the heart of college student activities, and all Green Templeton students, irrespective of their status or place of residence, are automatically members of the GCR.

Your current GCR Committee is:

President: Nicholas Andreou

Nicholas Andreou, GCR President

Hello! I’m Nick, your President and MBA student at Green Templeton. My role is to represent students inside and outside college and advocate for your interests. In addition, I work with the GCR Committee to organise the student-led side of college life. You can reach out to me for pretty much anything related to college or the GCR at:

Vice-President (Welfare): Alice Tawell

Alice Tawell

Hello! I’m Alice your Vice President for Welfare, and a second year DPhil candidate in Education, at Green Templeton. As VP Welfare, I focus on the financial, academic, physical and emotional welfare of Green Templeton students. Please feel free to contact me by email, or grab me at brunch, if you would like to chat about any of the above!

Vice-President (Equality and Diversity): Valentina Giombini

Valentina Giombini

Hello everyone! I am Valentina from Italy and I am doing a MSc in Environmental Change and Management. I am covering the position of Vice-President for Equality and Diversity. I represent the interests of the LGBTQ+ community and I oversee the activities of the Family & Couples Reps and of the International Students Rep.

During this year, I will strive to make each and every one of us feel welcome and comfortable in our community, participating as part of the Executive committee in all event-planning and decisions. This role indeed embodies some of the best characteristics of our college: a wonderful community, diverse in nationality, sexual orientation, identity, religion, culture, interests, academic and family life.

Contact me if you feel you are not represented enough at the college and/or if you have suggestions for events that celebrate the diversity of our community.

Vice-President Entertainment (Internal and External): Muniza Siddiqui

Dr Muniza Ahmed Siddiqui, GCR Vice-President of Internal and External Entertainment

Hello Green Templeton community! I am Dr Muniza Ahmed Siddiqui from Pakistan. I am studying an MSc in Clinical Embryology and I am your Vice-President for Internal and External Entertainment. I am here to make sure your leisure time is occupied by relaxing events and fun-filled evenings.

I want you all to feel comfortable and welcomed. The agenda of this year is to have more inclusive and friendly events at Green Templeton, and host exchange dinners, bar nights and collaborative events with other GCR reps and teams. We are looking forward for the GTC Ball which is on 6 July 2019. I know how hard you all work and how well deserved this enjoyment is. To keep you all entertained is our priority. I will make every possible effort that you can feel our college represents your interests in the best possible fashion.

If you have got something on your mind and you want to share the idea, if you want to host an event for Green Templeton students and need collaboration, and if you are seeking any kind of help in terms of organising any activities, please feel free to drop an email at I will be happy to reply.

Treasurer: Roman Chideme

Roman Chideme

Hey all, my name is Roman Chideme. I serve on the GCR Committee as the Treasurer. I am an MBA student with a background in finance and accounting. My purpose for serving is to apply my skills and experience in managing the funds entrusted to the GCR and ensure that Green Templeton stakeholders obtain value in the application of the funds.

Secretary: Ben Amies-Cull and Davide Bilardi

GCR Secretaries Ben Amies-Cull and Davide Bilardi

We’re Ben (first year DPhil Population Health) and Davide (first year DPhil Clinical Medicine).

Ben is a doctor by background, doing chronic disease modelling for his DPhil and still moonlighting as a GP in his spare time. Davide has been working as a Project Manager in clinical trials for 10 years and is currently aiming to measure capacity building in clinical trials as main topic of his DPhil research project.

We’re working to organise the committee to ensure everything happens smoothly and effectively. We are also aiming to improve processes, information and transparency in the GCRC this year.

Professional and Medical Students Rep: Ojiromu Enukpere

Ojiromu Enukpere

Hi fellow GTCers! I am Ojiromu but you can call me Romu. I’m excited to be your Professional and Medical Students Representative. If you study any course in the university and you are in this college, I am your rep. I am an MBA student, my professional background is in energy (oil and gas). I look forward to building the Green Templeton community, and integrating all of us with the Green Templeton community, particularly through academic and social events.

Feel free to reach me for any ideas, events, questions, and anything pertaining to building a community among all Professional and Medical students in the college.

Personal and Professional Development Officer: Nader Sleiman

Nader Sleiman, GCR Personal & Professional Development Officer

Hello, everyone! I’m Nader Sleiman from Lebanon, and I’m the Personal and Professional Development Officer. At Oxford, I’m pursuing the MSc in Sociology with a focus on educational inequality. Next year, hopefully, I aim to pursue the DPhil in Education. Prior to joining this wonderful community, I was a Human Resource Information Systems Consultant at a leading SAP gold partner in the Middle East, working between Lebanon and the UAE. My main focus was on performance management and recruitment, including their sub-branches.

My purpose for joining this vibrant team, especially in my current post, was and remains encouraging people to be their best selves and know how to choose their next step by thinking out loud, assessing alternatives, and developing the skills that would contribute most to personal and professional development. In a recent survey I conducted, the majority of Green Templeton students expressed an interest in having an individual chat as a priority over all other forms of communication. My hope, therefore, is that you’ll feel comfortable letting me know if there’s anything you believe is needed for your development and rest assured that together we can figure it out. If you would like to reach me, I would be grateful if you do so through my email: I will be looking forward to getting in touch with you and discussing whatever matters you feel like sharing.

Male Welfare Officer: Carlos Outeiral

Carlos Outeiral, GCR Male Welfare Officer

I am Carlos Outeiral, from Spain, and I am starting my DPhil in Statistics. I serve as the Male Welfare Officer in the GCR.

My role in the committee focuses on the mental and sexual health of all students whose gender identity includes male. Please feel free to contact me at

Female Welfare Officer: Gabrielle Beaudry

Gabrielle Beaudry

Hello everyone! I am Gabrielle from Canada and I am studying for an MSc(Res) in Psychiatry. I serve as the Female Welfare Officer on the GCR. My role in the committee focuses on the mental and sexual health of all students whose gender identity includes female.

International Students Rep: Zineb Bentounsi

Zineb Bentounsi

I am Zineb Bentounsi from Morocco and I am studying here for a MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine. I serve as the International Students Representative on this GCR. I am very proud to serve the international community of our college. I want to make sure that all cultures, religions and languages are welcomed in our college.

Internal Entertainment Officer: Anna Clemente

Anna Clemente, GCR Internal Entertainment Officer

Hi! I’m Anna, the Internal Entertainment Officer! I’m an Italian MPhil student in European Politics. My role is basically to get Green Templeton to party! I organise all the internal events, so if you have any questions about them, suggestions for the next BOP, or simply ideas you’d like to share to make our events even better, don’t think twice and drop me an email at

Environmental Officer: Sarah Boylan and Martha Radford-Kirby

Sarah Martha Gcr Environment

Hi everyone, we’re Sarah and Martha and we’re your Environmental Officers. Sarah is studying MSc Criminology and Martha is studying MSc Sociology. As an issue which we are both passionate about, we want to make sure Green Templeton continues to be as environmentally friendly as possible. In addition to this, we want to promote sustainable practices both in Green Templeton accommodation and the college itself, for example by improving recycling methods, as well as minimising waste. Alongside this, we hope to raise awareness about current environmental issues and ways in which individuals can reduce their environmental impact. Even small changes can make a large difference and so we would also love to hear any feedback regarding things which you think could be improved at Green Templeton.

IT/Webmaster: Yannik Herbert

Yannik Herbert, GCR Webmaster

I’m Yannik and I’m the GCR committee’s webmaster. I’m involved with the college’s various 21st century technological provisions, and try to ensure that our computing and I.T. needs are being met by the college. If you’d like to talk about anything to do with computing in Green Templeton, you’re very welcome to leave your message on a 3.5 inch floppy diskette in my pigeon hole, or email

Family and Couples Rep: Minh Anh Le, Jianrong He and Rebecca Peters


Rebecca Peters (2nd year DPhil Candidate, School of Geography and Environment), Minh-Anh (MSc Social Data Science), and Jianrong (2nd year DPhil student in Women’s and Reproductive Health) are working together as this year’s Families and Couples representatives.

As your Families and Couples reps, we will continue the work of organising family and couple-friendly events such as brunches and formal dinners; planning holiday events including for Halloween, Eid, and Easter; and assisting with family and couples integration into college life. In addition, we strive to expand collaboration with the International Students officer, compile helpful information for partners of Green Templeton students including college access, and listen to and respond to the needs of the Green Templeton families and couples. We each bring our perspectives as partners, spouses, and through parenthood to this role, and we look forward to bringing our collective experience to this important role within the Green Templeton community.

Publicity: Maryam Ahmadyar

Maryam Ahmadyar

My name is Maryam and I am a first year DPhil candidate in Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. As your publicity officer, I will be responsible for making sure that you are kept informed of the various events and activities that are taking place within the college as clearly and efficiently as possible. I will also be responsible for promoting and publicising any events that you would like to organise within the college, and will work closely with you to make sure that this is done in the best way to suit your needs.

Please feel free to contact me if you:

  • Would like to know more about a college event or activity
  • Would like to publicise/promote your own events
  • Have any questions/suggestions/feedback
  • Or for anything else that you think I can help with!

External Entertainment Officer: Katharina Jung and Susanne Klausing

GCR External Entertainment Officers

We are Katharina and Susanne studying International Development and Social Science of the Internet and are both originally from Germany. At Green Templeton, we are sharing the role of the External Entertainment Officers and are organising regular exchange dinners as well as bar and food cooperation to bring Green Templeton students together with students from other colleges and make Oxford a more connected place.

If you have any questions or ideas for external entertainment, please feel free to ask us!

Sports and Societies: Janvi Patel

Janvi Patel

Hi everyone! I am Janvi, your Sports and Societies Officer for 2018-19. I am originally from Toronto and am currently here as a student in the MSc Clinical Embryology programme. My role is to cater to your demands on which sports and societies you would love to see more of! Feel free to drop me an email if you have any suggestions or queries.

Continuity Officer: Aman Gupta

Aman Gupta

Hello all, I am in my second year, reading for an MPhil in Development Studies. I am originally from India, and currently live in Hong Kong. At Green Templeton, I am the GCR’s Continuity Officer. I was part of the committee last year, and am currently part of a number of projects, and meetings ensuring that the college and the committee learn from last year’s mistakes and successes. My job is sit on the executive committee and be involved in the strategic decisions of the GCR, changes to constitutions, and meetings with college officers.

In particular, I’ll be running the 100 Squared project this year. This is a project where any member of college can apply for £100 to spend towards any Green Templeton-related activity or event. A lot of my job entails me working within the committee, so you might not see me running events, but I’ll have been behind the scenes. If you have any questions about the GCR please feel free to ask me!