Boat Club

Green Templeton Boat Club (GTBC) is the youngest of the college boat clubs.

It was created in 2008 after the merger of Green College and Templeton College. Since then, the GTBC has grown rapidly into a large vibrant community of enthusiastic rowers of all levels. Our history may be short, but already we have earned a reputation for both our skill and our fun!

The college part-owns Longbridges Boathouse on the River Thames, where crews train with the recently expanded fleet, on ergs, as well as socialise in the clubroom.

Our first men and women crews perform among top Oxford and UK clubs, and our novice rowers have found a great environment to start from the basics and become solid rowers.

Our dedicated women’s and men’s coaches are available to teach novices the sport of rowing, or enhance and refine the technique of more experienced rowers. The Club values rowers and coxswains of all experience levels.

On a more social side, there exists a GTBC community that allows members to enjoy regular socials throughout each term; as well as formal dinners after Christ Church Regatta, Torpids, and Eights.

If you are interested in learning more about the Club, check out the GTBC Facebook Group.

If you are interested in rowing, please contact: