Music, Art and Social

Many members of the Green Templeton College community play instruments, sing, dance and enjoy extracurricular activities.

As well as being ideal for relaxation from the pressures of academic study and research, music, art and social activities add a valuable dimension to the academic, cultural and social life of our community.


In 2017, the college appointed Maki Sekiya as its first Musician-in-Residence. A Japanese-born pianist living in Oxford, she studied at the Purcell Music School in London and at the Moscow Conservatoire.

A world-class virtuoso, she gave three recitals at Green Templeton College in 2017-18 to great acclaim and her appointment has been extended for a further year during which she will again give three recitals.

-> Maki Sekiya, St Anne’s Camerata deliver memorable evening
-> Striking image of Maki Sekiya wins 2019 Photography Competition

Maki Sekiya, the GTC Musician-In-Residence for 2018-19

Maki Sekiya is Green Templeton’s musician-in-residence for 2018-19


Green Templeton’s Artist-in-Residence Weimin He (DPhil/RE) was born in Heilongjiang, Northeast China. He studied art from an early age and worked as a professional artist in Heilongjiang Museum of Art before coming to the UK in 1999. He was awarded a DPhil at the University of Ulster in 2005. In the same year he moved to Oxford, where he worked as Christensen Fellow of Chinese Painting at the Ashmolean Museum until 2008 and then worked for eight months as Artist-in-Residence at the Museum.

-> Profile: Meet Green Templeton’s Artist-in-Residence Weimin He
-> Weimin He’s woodcut prints of Radcliffe Observatory displayed at college

Weimin He Self Portrait (c) Weimin He

Weimin He is the college’s Artist-In-Residence (c) Weimin He, Self Portrait

From 2009 to 2015 he worked as Artist-in-Residence at the Oxford University Estates Services. Weimin He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, a member of the Chinese Artists’ Association and a Trustee of the Muban Educational Trust. He is also a life drawing tutor at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University. His artworks have been widely exhibited or collected worldwide, including the British Museum, the Ashmolean Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the China National Gallery.

Green Templeton College Big Band

The Green Templeton College Big band was set up in the academic year 2018-2019 after an informal survey of students suggested there was enthusiasm for such an initiative. In particular, the University has many students who have achieved a high standard of musical playing ability and were looking for informal opportunities to keep up the fun of performing. The first rehearsal took place in January 2019 and current practice is for the band to meet three times a term on Sunday afternoon rehearsing in the Radcliffe Observatory Common Room. The band is a popular choice among students and staff for college events, with recent bookings including the annual garden party, college ball and graduations.

The band to date comprises: piano, bass, drums, alto saxs, tenor saxs, baritone sax, trumpets, trombones, and male and female singers, either solo or close harmony. The band is always looking for new musicians, particularly as players leave once their course finishes. If interested in joining the band, please contact Richard Canter on: or

Green Templeton College Big Band at the annual garden party, 29 June 2019

The band performing at the Green Templeton garden party on 29 June 2019 (c) Nuno Pereira

Green Templeton College Big Band at the annual garden party, 29 June 2019

The band is always looking for new musicians (c) Nuno Pereira

Green Templeton Choir

The college does not have a chapel but it does have a choir which welcomes all-comers, whether experienced singers or novices. The choir performs at Green Templeton events and its repertoire covers a wide range of music including classical, jazz and popular. If you are interested, please email

The Oxford African Choir

This choir was initiated in November 2017 to share African inspirational and gospel music from across the continent with the wider Oxford community. Based in Green Templeton, the choir is closely associated with The Oxford Africa Society. Open to all, both Africans and
friends of Africa, it meets at Green Templeton weekly during term time and has performed at several college and University events including Green Templeton’s 10th anniversary garden party. For more information, please contact Qhayiya Magaqa or Kojo Botsio.

GTC Performs!

These events are held once a term for performers of any standard and any type of music to perform short items in the relaxed environment of a Green Templeton audience. If you play an instrument, sing, dance or recite, whatever your standard and whether solo or with others, please do come to GTC Performs! and perform for friends and colleagues.

Music practice room

A small music practice room is available in the Rotunda for use by all members of the college. It has an upright Yamaha piano, a Yamaha portable electronic keyboard, percussion equipment and music stands. The Rotunda can be booked in person at the Green Templeton Lodge. If it is not being used and is not booked, it may be used without booking. If you’d like to borrow an item from the Rotunda, please book the room out for the appropriate length of time, and list the items borrowed, so others know what facilities will not be available. If you’d like to borrow items from the Rotunda, please inform the GCR’s Continuity Officer, Aman Gupta. Items cannot be borrowed overnight.

Piano in the Observatory Common Room

The Yamaha grand piano in the Common Room is available to members of Green Templeton College. When not in use, this high-quality instrument is locked and covered. Using the piano for practice is restricted to times when the Common Room is not very busy. If you would like your name to be added to the list of those authorised to use this piano, simply email your request to  Once approved, you will able to pick up the keys for the piano from the Green Templeton Lodge.

Other activities at college include:

  • Book Club
  • Green Templeton University Challenge Team
  • Medical Anthropology Discussion Group
  • Richard Doll Society (Green Templeton’s medical society)
  • Stables Bar, located in Lankester Quad, serving a good selection of drinks at reasonable prices
  • Wine tasting sessions
  • Yoga
  • Zumba